Just so we’re clear, these are my own unofficial awards. I am not undermining the real thing, I just do these for fun. The spoilers come back from vacation next week 🙂

The official 2021 International Fantasia Film Festival Awards were announced yesterday. VOICE OF SILENCE, directed by Hong Eui-jeong, took the Cheval Noir for Best Film. Igor Lagarreta won Best Director for ALL THE MOONS. Mark O’Brien took Best Screenplay for THE RIGHTEOUS. John Adams won Best Score for HELLBENDER. Yoo Ah-in took Best Actor for VOICE OF SILENCE. Zelda Adams won Best Actress for HELLBENDER. You can find the complete list here.

However, I always prefer to do a list of my own un-official awards which of course are only limited to the movies I selected. So, here are my own, biased, non-official and trophy-less accolades, which I shamelessly call the Fantasia Wrap-Up Awards. Of course, this is a just a silly tongue-and-cheek game where we shine a spotlight on some movies we loved. No award ceremony for these, just my gratitude to the filmmakers. Here we go…

The One-Not-To-Be-Missed: The top honour, plain and simple. This usually includes everything: story, cinematography, performances and then some. This year this award definitely goes to HELLBENDER. Runner-Ups: ALL THE MOONS, MIDNIGHT.

The Mind Bender: This is the movie with a complicated but not contrived premise that manages to make sense throughout the film without ever losing the thread. This one was a close call, but I say it goes to BEYOND THE INFINITE TWO MINUTES. Runner-Up: ULTRASOUND.

Kickstart My Heart: The film that had your blood pumping all through its run. This is MIDNIGHT for sure. Runner-Ups: BULL, YAKUZA PRINCESS.

The Guilty Pleasure Funhouse: There’s always that movie that is just mindless brain candy fun and a guilty pleasure regardless how you look at it. This is OFFICE ROYALE for sure. Runner-Up: KAKEGURUI 2: ULTIMATE RUSSIAN ROULETTE

Slow and Scary: Following the trend of the slow-burn horror films that have made themselves a sub-genre, I’m going to give this to THE RIGHTEOUS. Runner-up: ON THE 3RD DAY.

The Hilarious Horror: The near-perfect mix of comedy and horror. I may be biased, but I will give this one to GHOSTING GLORIA. Runner-up: KRATT.

The Moody Blues: Melancholy, we hardly knew you. This one is a bit of a mix, in which drama and sometimes comedy mix with a taste of the real life, but not necessarily realistic. This one is custom made for REMAIN IN TWILIGHT.

The Art Gallery: This one was the cinematographic darling of the festival. It was really close but I’ll give it to ALL THE MOONS. Runner-up: GLASSHOUSE.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot: Yeah it’s the weird one, but not necessarily the weirdest one. It’s mostly the one that puzzled you yet kept you engaged throughout. This one goes to STANLEYVILLE. Runner-Ups: GIVING BIRTH TO A BUTTERFLY, PRISONERS OF THE GHOSTLAND, STRAWBERRY MANSION, WONDERFUL PARADISE.

Nostalgia City: When it tugs at the heartstrings at the same time that it makes you reminisce about your childhood, you know it’s meant to be. Goes to IT’S A SUMMER FILM!

Don’t forget to check out the real awarded films at the 2021 International Fantasia Film Festival Awards. To everyone that made Fantasia amazing and awesome for all of us viewers, thank you very much for all your hard work! You’ve set the bar very high for next year, and I can’t wait to see what you bring us in 2022. Bon cinema!

That will do for now.