I love this movie but I know it’s violent, it’s over the top, the scenarios are completely unrealistic and every conflict is blown out of proportion. This one is also filled with colourful, unforgettable characters who are heroes, villains and often enough, both. This one’s about to give any live action anime a run for its money and then some. I knew I wanted to watch this one just because of the premise alone but this is a guilty pleasure. I’m not sure I can justify why I love this movie, but let’s give it a go.

Office Royale (2021) is directed by Kazuaki Seki with a screenplay by Bakarhythm. Welcome to the offices of the Mitsufuji company. This is where Naoko Tanaka (Mei Nagano) spends her day as an office lady, documenting, faxing, making copies and making small talk with her friendly co-workers. This is also where scary clique wars between factions take place in a bid to control the territory. The three factions are ruled by Shuri (Nanao), Shiori (Rina Kawaei) and Etsuko (Miyuki Oshima). The moment newcomer Ran Hojo (Alice Hirose) enters the frey, all bets are off as she proves herself invincible. But soon enough the word travels and other gangs from other companies begin to take notice. A takeover is inevitable, and so is the chance that a bigger boss will manage to overpower Ran.

I know it makes no sense in context, but you move this into an anime/manga and all the elements for battle are set. Yes, this film’s tone is overclocked several levels above the stratosphere, and so are the fights. Hits blow people through walls, the air vibrates with each kick and there’s no way someone just broke concrete with their fists. I might lose any remaining movie-reviewing credentials that I had, but I couldn’t be having anymore fun.

Highly recommended for some live action supernatural fighting fun. In all honesty, the world building is particularly solid and the characters are engaging. There’s something endearing in turning your enemies into your allies after you’ve beat them up. Okey, I swear this is just comic book violence and everyone’s wounds are healed a few frames later with just some bandaids to remember. This one’s worth a watch just for the sheer delight of unrestrained fighting fun.

That will do for now.