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Movies, TV series, anime, comics… Anything that strikes my fancy I plan to put in here and hopefully entice some avid readers. I specially have a weakness for Montreal’s Fantasia International Film Festival as well as the Montreal ComicCon and the Otakuthon. Based on those tastes, here’s some categories I’ve come up with:

  • Movie Review: Your standard all-encompassing movie review. By itself, it usually has some spoiler-ish content and I will state this by mentioning spoilers at the top. This got boring, so whenever I mention spoilers it would be some half-witty phrase of spoilers doing something funny, often related to the movie. When movie reviews cover a festival, I’ll avoid spoilers altogether. For ease of use, nowadays I’m adding the genres.
  • Late Movie Night: You’re probably wondering, shouldn’t it be called Late Night Movie instead? Well, the deal is this feature started with movies that I was rather late in watching and/or reviewing. Now it’s become one of my favorite features to write about personal cult classics. Not all these are popular cult classics, though. Besides the ones I will revisit every now and then, I just cover any movie that has gained a particular status, famously, infamously or just under the radar. Lots of spoilers for these.
  • Viewer’s Cut: Instead of making a review every episode, this overall look covers the entire season of a single show and its intention is to give you a taste without spoiling the whole thing. I found these easier to make since instead of following a show on a weekly basis I just binge several at a time. They might have a low count of spoilers just to get you in, but their intention is only to give you the premise of the show, not chronicle it in any way.
  • Fantasia Film Festival: During Montreal’s Fantasia International Film Festival, these are movie reviews meant to give you an idea of the film so you can decide to look out for it when it gets wider distribution. No spoilers are given away except for the premise, and in case of really great films I’ll obscure even that. This festival is the reason why this blog became public.
  • Series Issues: This is when I cover a weekly episode of a TV series the day after its dayview. I have a few instances in which I’ve gone about covering entire seasons, but rarely do I have stuck with a series for its entire run. The highlight of these used to be the pros and cons of the episode. I did this with The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Mr. Robot, Penny Dreadful, Gotham and more than a few CW shows but it became quite taxing.
  • Superhero Weekly: Instead of doing a Series Issues entry for Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, etc. I would fit all them in here every week. I don’t see this feature coming back again unless a new show appears.
  • Anime Review: This is the equivalent to Viewer’s Cut for anime. I will also use this instead of Movie Review for anime movies. In both cases, I will keep it light on spoilers. I still try to review content rather than production on these, unless there’s something about the animation quality that I think must be mentioned.
  • Toy Collector: I hesitate to call these reviews as sometimes I will talk more about the character than the toy, but these are mostly Transformers with some action figures thrown in. I’ve also been getting into japanese mecha model kits, specifically the Mazinger Infinitism line.
  • Montreal ComicCon and Otakuthon: Photo galleries of cosplay performers in these popular conventions.
  • Fanfiction: Things that I’ve written using popular franchises. The only one here so far is a murder-mystery set in Hogwarts with only the teachers called The Filch Factor. Professor Minerva McGonagall does the sleuthing.

You can reach me on Twitter as well as NeverThinkImpossible at that google mail address dot com.

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