Spoilers, who are back from vacation, would’ve run away.

I don’t think you need to, but my first step after watching this movie was to read a summary of the original story. Yes, some things have been changed but I don’t think those changes should deter you from watching it. However, we are talking about a lengthy film, so some aspects might fare better than others. I don’t think it is completely flawless, but it’s definitely an achievement albeit with some shortcomings. Let’s saddle up and ride to meet them.

The Green Knight (2021) was written and directed by David Lowery. Sir Gawain (Dev Patel) enjoys his life, spending time with his beloved Essel (Alicia Vikander) and serving in the court of the King (Sean Harris) and Queen (Kate Dickie). He does not believe himself to be a knight yet, for he has no tale to tell. That is, until the Green Knight (Ralph Ineson) appears during the Christmas festivities and demands a game. He will allow one knight to land a blow, as long as said knight seeks him out one year henceforth and takes the same blow in return.

This movie is poetry in motion. With an excellent performance from Dev Patel in the lead as Gawain, you really feel an empathy for him as he tries to do his best. He’s both innocent and an everyman. He’s not perfect but he strives to be more. The odds seem overwhelming against him and yet he endures. However, the ending is going to be very open to interpretation. That means the movie does lack a satisfying conclusion on film. I think that’s probably my only, but my strongest qualm with it.

Highly recommended with reservations. If it’s all about the journey, this film takes you on a poetic, visual and spiritual ride along with its very engaging lead. However the destination is a bit vague, and for such a long movie to end in this way it does feel like it doesn’t want to give us the satisfaction of complete closure. That being said, it is a beautiful movie to watch with engaging characters both good, bad and in the middle showing up on the way. I think with that runtime it could’ve done with a bit more of a finale.

That will do for now.