There will always be movies dedicated to the magic of movies and filmmaking, and I’m trying very hard not to use the phrase “love letter to filmmaking” to describe this feature. Yes, it’s high school drama, summer romance and a lot of fan love for samurai films. This one is a nostalgia-filled sweet that will pull at the heartstrings and leave you reminiscing about your own days as a high school kid and a young movie fan.

It’s A Summer Thing! (2020) is directed by Soushi Matsumoto who wrote it with Naoyuki Miura. The high school film club is once again choosing only one film to sponsor for the summer. However, Barefoot (Marika Ito) is not having it. While everyone is pushing for romance and the popular Karin (Mahiru Coda) to direct, Barefoot wants to make a samurai film. She enlists her partners in crime Kickboard (Yuumi Kawai) and Blue Hawaii (Kilala Inori) but she’s not sure who to cast as the main lead until she runs into the elusive Rintaro (Daichi Kaneko). He’s supportive of her making the film, but not to be casted in it and much less play the lead. His reasons for that are a mystery, but he gets pulled into it anyways.

This is one that works along the lines of heavy nostalgia and aims at stealing your heart. Barefoot is unstoppable, her friends are supportive and Rintaro is hiding something that might change everything. I loved the fact that the supposed rivalry between directors Barefoot and Karin is not a mean one, and they remain friendly together. Barefoot does resent her popularity at the start but her decision to help her will eventually get payed back with interest.

Highly recommended for nostalgia and good vibes. This is one of those that you know that love and friendship will prevail in the end, but you’re going to fall for it anyways. It does include a rather odd turn into sci-fi that might or might not be needed but overall you can leave it aside and focus on the main plot. If you’re willing to get your heart stolen, it should be worth a watch.

That will do for now.