I’m going to give away my review right off the bat here. This was just delightful to watch. And yes, I’m being very biased here, because this is exactly the kind of comedy I like and I couldn’t help but grab the extra nuances of listening to it in the original Spanish. Once again, Uruguay proves to be a movie powerhouse with a feature that mixes some aspects of horror, fantasy and sharp comedy beautifully delivered.

Ghosting Gloria / Muerto con Gloria (2020) is directed by Marcela Matta and Mauro Sarser and written by Mauro Sarser. Gloria (Stefania Trotorella) works in a bookstore and silently yearns for more intellectual connection, while her friend Sandra (Nenan Pelenur) tries to convince her to let loose and just get laid. Then, in a strange twists of events, she ends up living in a house where the dearly departed hasn’t quite left yet and is willing to be intimately acquainted. Yes, Dante (Federico Guerra) may not breathe anymore but he knows how to leave Gloria breathless. It’s refreshing to see a sex-positive movie that doesn’t guilt its characters.

I was surprised how this comedy with such an over-the-top premise ended up being so human. As Gloria finally achieves orgasmic bliss, she also starts to examine her life and try living once more. Stefanie Trotorella shines as the titular character Gloria as well as Nenan Pelenur as Sandra. Besides the engaging main cast, this film also includes the craziest, funniest and most annoying customers that any bookstore has ever seen.

Strongly recommended for comedy, paranormal fantasy and yes, a little bit of romance. I would say don’t expect much horror though, just a few elements. The performances and the comedic timing are on point, sex is treated with a refreshing positive outlook and the bookstore customers are a delightfully annoying as hell. I did enjoy the fact that the movie thought to include a normal ending and an afterlife epilogue. Definitely worth a watch.

That will do for now.