Nothing like horror in a small but powerful dosage. Here we have a few offerings that bring us chills and thrills, some with a message and some just to mess with you head. It’s actually my first year looking into this collection of shorts, and I have to say some really deliver memorable performances. These are just the highlights I found outstanding.

THE TENANT is directed by Lucas Paulino and Angel Torres. Mia wakes up and finds her leg has become numb. A stranger in the street guesses her plight and makes a wild, incredible explanation and a solution. This one managed to create an atmosphere of fear right from the start.

THE DARKNESS is directed by Jorge Sistos Moreno. A woman appears to come out of the water, collects her belongings and shows up at a school, where she’s recognized as a former teacher. But something is driving her to meet the same end she faced before, except this time to exact supernatural retribution.

THE RELIC is directed by J. M. Logan. A group of explorers in search of a myth end up finding more than they bargained for. I couldn’t help but be reminded of John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982). Yes, it’s seriously that scary.

YOU ARE DEAD HELEN is directed by Michiel Blanchart. Maxime seems unhappy with his girlfriend, Helene. He can’t seem to bring up the subject of breaking up. The big problem is she is dead. But the problems will become even greater once he finally tells her. A horror comedy at its finest.

That will do for now.