I’m really glad I got a chance to watch this showcase. BORN OF WOMAN always brings about something subversive employing the female perspective in surprising ways. I’m just going to showcase highlights here.

INHERITANCE is directed by Annalise Lockhart. A family of three celebrates the birthday of their daughter, but with the milestone comes a certain inherited curse. Even though they own the land, a group of ghosts congregates and stares. Fortunately, the family has science and a few tricks on their side to deter the unwanted attention.

SHE WHISTLES is directed by Thirza Cuthand. An indigenous young woman faces an attacker responsible for the disappearance of several women. This poignant supernatural short addresses Canada’s horrific past of murdered indigenous women. A powerful and relevant film with a supernatural twist.

VICTIM NO. 6 is directed by Nancy Menagh. A serial killer is on the prowl in 1970s New York City, but people are still going out and trying to hook up. Although I saw the twist coming a few miles away, I did love the style and the attention to detail of this film. The subversion of changing the role from victim to killer is not a positive one though.

DANA is directed by Lucía Forner Segarra. An assault victim who managed to kill her attacker decides to go on a vengeance spree. Although one could argue the system needs to change, the other side of the coin is that the number of victims keep increasing while we wait.

That will do for now.