Every year, this showcase highlights a lot of amazing work in short film version. As much as I love watching these, I’m always challenged to review short length films because I feel the line between review and spoiler territory is almost non-existent. That being said, I’ve decided to only review my highlights of the selection presented.

THE GIRL ON THE MOON is directed by Georgina Jenkins. Luna was born on the Moon and dreams about traveling to Earth, something she can’t do. I did like this and wished there was more.

UPDATED is directed by Nivi Pedersen. This was easily the strongest and more challenging showing. Struck with dementia, an ageing mother (Vivi Nielsen) is using an implant that is supposed to assist her hallucinations. When his son installs a new updated, the device malfunctions. The outcome is brutal, leading to question the use of technology to aid in caregiving practices.

RACHELS DON’T RUN is directed by Joanny Causse. A customer support rep for an AI companionship service loves listening to a particular customer so much she decides to take over the conversation. The results are heartbreaking as it leads to a disappointing realization about humanity but an emotionally powerful statement.

SILLY HUMAN is directed by Cory Williamson. Casted in a 1950s style sitcom, an actor tries to give it her all only to find that the directing AI is unhappy with her performance but unable to pinpoint the problem. Another powerful statement about AIs and human nuance.

That will do for now.