Sometimes a movie comes along with a trippy premise and so many intricate world rules it’s impossible to keep its own structure. However, almost never do you see a film that meticulously follows its own rules to the absolute impossible consistency. Now, the reason for such an elaborate explanation is that I’m going to tell you as little as possible so you can watch this with maximum effect. Honestly, I don’t think I could explain it even if I tried.

Ultrasound (2021) is directed by Rob Shroeder based on a screenplay by Conor Stechschulte. One dark and stormy night, Glen (Vincent Cartheiser) is driving down a rainy road when his tires pop. Luckily he finds a house nearby where a couple, Art (Bob Stephenson) and Cindy (Chelsea Lopez) host him for one strange night. And that’s all you should know. Yes, this is one of those films where reality is challenged and something else is happening under the surface.

So how do I explain what happens without telling you what happens? Well, this one’s an onion. You have a lot of layers to get through and unavoidably learn that someone is pulling the strings. We’ll first get a glimpse of a researcher named Shannon (Breeda Wool) that is working for an experiment run by Dr. Connors (Tunde Adebimpe). Also involved are a senator named Alex Harris (Chris Gartin) who’s having an affair with Katie (Rainey Qualley) while running for re-election. This course tells you nothing yet. Who is who and when are all up for grabs.

Strongly recommended for audiences that like puzzles and reality-challenging plots with one reservation. I know that casual audiences might find it frustrating. Honestly, I lost the thread more than a few times just watching it. Just make sure you’re in the mood for it, because unfortunately its strength is also its weakness. Because of its contrived plot, resolution of the entire thing is a rather abrupt affair and I found the finale lacking fulfillment. That being said, it’s really worth a few watches for an appreciative audience.

That will do for now.