(Photo: NeverThinkImpossible.com)
(Photo: NeverThinkImpossible.com)

What do you mean, no more Fantasia…?

It’s hard to accept when Fantasia comes to an end. I’m still hunting some movies I didn’t get to see. Variety has the wrap-up and Jury and Audience Award winners. Ken Ochiai’s Uzumasa Limelight was the big winner of the Cheval Noir, while Hugh Sullivan’s The Infinite Man won the New Flesh Award. You can see the full list at Variety.

But in my not-so-humble opinion, and from my biased point of view, here are the winners from my selection this year.

The Infinite Man was a magnificent time-travel comedy that explained the utmost ridiculous inception-level we’ll go for love. Or obsession. However, I’d have to say for the best storyline, with just one minimal but well exploited time-travel aspect, I’d choose Time Lapse. Along the lines of a more dramatic and far-reaching plot, there’s Predestination. But if I were to pick a winner I’d say Time Lapse wins my best picture award for suspense and twist alone.

For comedy purposes, I’m going to put Premature aside from the rest of the time-travel movies as best comedy. The movie takes the timeless teenage classic storyline of the John Hughes movies of the eighties with the raunchiest dialog and time-travel catalyst since… actually it might be the first of its kind for that. But putting all that aside, the setting is easily one that I’d expect Ferris Bueller to live in. Honorable mentions on the comedy genre will go to the hilarious Space Station 76 and the light but still charming The Huntresses.

Horror this year was scarce in my selection, so I can’t choose here. I will have to choose more next year for sure. Despite the very well done storyline from When Animals Dream, it did lack weight in the scares department. However, it still remains a movie worth watching. An honorable mention goes to Devil’s Mile for being the only horror movie that unexpectedly ended in my list.

That will do for now.

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