(Source: Phase 4 Films)
(Source: Phase 4 Films)

The road will never let you go…

I had an unexpected chance of watching a pre-screening of Joseph O’Brien’s Devil’s Mile. The plot starts simple enough. A long stretch of road, a car with three criminals who don’t get along and two hostages in the trunk. We start by getting lost and things go from bad to worst. The movie was filmed on location in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

This is one of the movies in which the scariest monsters turn out not to be the actual monster itself. The three arguing criminals soon learn they’ve already botched the job and their mysterious crime boss is not one to give second chances. The fact that the two female hostages are Japanese is not a coincidence. When the haunting starts, you can certainly see the influence from Japanese horror films.

When a movie mixes crime with horror, often enough the plot that involved the “job” gets deluded. Here it’s still relevant. Things left behind by the side of the road, tend to come back. Toby (David Hayter) plays the most psychotic of the three, capable of killing by a mere impulse. Cally (Maria del Mar) has more sense than her partner. She’s far from being heroic, but she often has to intercede for the young and brash Jacinta (Casey Hudecki) who’s got a secret agenda of her own.

Recommended. Expect things to become strange and then familiar all over again as there’s more happening here than what lies in the surface. It’s not a clean resolution and it shouldn’t be. It’s an outcome that is messy, dark and oozing with more human darkness than otherworldly terror. The best line in a horror movie that I’ve heard in a long time comes from Maria del Mar’s Cally: “Why don’t you stick your head out and let me know how that goes.”

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Devil’s Mile premieres at Fantasia this Saturday, July 26. My thanks to October Coast for the opportunity. The movie will be officially released in the US and Canada on August 12.

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