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(Source: Sony Pictures)

I love a great, solid, time paradox. Have you ever wondered how intricate it could possibly be? Australian directors Peter and Michael Spierig bring us Predestination. It’s a movie that I know a lot of the popcorn crowd will want to steer clear. But for you and I who have ever wondered how many turns of the screw, how many levels of inception and how deep does the rabbit hole can potentially be envisioned and still remain the same timeline well, you’re in for a treat.

Ethan Hawke works for the Temporal Agency trying to capture the elusive “Fizzle” bomber responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of people. He’s just recovering from his latest failure which has left him scarred. He then proceeds with an illegal jump that gets him to work as a bartender. There he meets Jane, an intriguing character played by Sarah Snook. What follows is a heartbreaking story that details in an intimate, funny and painful way the journey of a person looking for gender identity. Eventually, time travel enters the picture as Jane receives an offer but me telling you that it’s not all as it seems is as far as I’m willing to go.

Highly recommended if you love a good time paradox. Otherwise, you’ll probably hate it but this is one great movie to watch and one I would truly regret missing. If there’s one negative thing about the movie, is that the story of Jane is so beautifully tragic that it’s almost a shame that it has to be wrapped into a time travel story.

Here’s the trailer, but I’d say skip it and just go see it.

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