(Source: Shoreline Entertainment)
(Source: Shoreline Entertainment)

After a couple of time travel movies, I sincerely thought I had seen the most intricate level of recursion you could achieve with time travel. It isn’t the most ridiculously funny level though. That honor belongs to Australian Director Hugh Sullivan’s film The Infinite Man. Sullivan proves that once you remove the constraints of a serious movie you can actually take the concept of time travel so far that you can make the same scene funnier a second time around.

Meet Dean (Josh McConville) and Lana (Hannah Marshall). They’re a couple who are celebrating their anniversary. Dean’s idea is to recreate the unforgettable weekend from last year. He’s also using his scientific experiment to record the moment. The results are disastrous, with the appearance of Lana’s ex-boyfriend not helping the situation. After a bitter breakup, Dean contacts Lana a year later with a seemingly unfailable plan: a time machine capable of taking them back to rectify the situation.

Unfortunately but hilariously, what develops is a complete mess of past, present and future as Dean keeps screwing up the situation further and hoping to get another chance by traveling back again and again to create a paradox moment so complex that it’s hard to keep track while not laughing yourself silly.

Recommended. It may be silly but despite the utterly incredible level, somehow the original timeline is kept mostly intact. Props to the director for keeping track of seemingly impossible angles of the same scene time and time again. Of course there are moments in which the actual timeline does become so wobbly that you realize it never really happened to the original characters to begin with… But then again, are you really sure you kept track of who was who?

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