(Source: Traction Media)
(Source: Traction Media)

Sarah Adina Smith’s The Midnight Swim has a superb cast, amazing performances and a very engaging dynamic of three sisters who are coping with the death of her mother. However, I will strip this drama of any fantasy or science-fiction tags. Do not expect wonder nor awe nor a finale. It’s an engaging story but an undecided one.

Mislabeling this film causes it a huge disservice. Suspense music and a few unexplained but hardly mind-boggling phenomena does not make this movie into a thriller. Actually, putting this elements in the film adds an expectation that goes completely unfulfilled. There is no satisfying ending. As the credits roll, we are offered a conclusion that I feel was completely optional. An ending that is really there if you want to take it as an expectant audience member but not a required one. For me it feels the movie ends before the credits roll.

I can’t recommend this one. I was a bit of a fish out of the water. If you want to sell me a story, sell me your story, not an ending or an outcome that will never come. Let me make the decision of what I want to watch. Which is really a shame, because it’s not  bad. It just never decides what it wants to be. At some time it just stops and whether or not it’s dead on the water is left for you to decide.

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