(Source: FilmNation Entertainment)
(Source: FilmNation Entertainment)

Dan Beers brings us his first feature film with Premature. I would say this is as raunchy as comedies can get but that bar is constantly getting raised (or lowered?).

Young Rob (John Karma) wakes up from a wet dream as his mother walks into his room. It’s a big day as he has a college interview to try to get into Georgetown, something his father encourages. Alan Tudyk (Firefly) plays the emotionally unstable interviewer, a role you won’t soon forget. To top it off, school vixen Angela (Carlson Young) wants a study session at her house with benefits and very little study.

The universe is up to something as Rob discovers that each time he reaches climax he lives the same day again starting with his mother discovering him in the morning. What begins as a John Hughes comedy with jokes worth of American Pie turns into Groundhog Day and I’d dare say a little touch of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. It’s a raunchy teen comedy with some rare moments of brilliance. Along for the ride are Craig Roberts as Rob’s best friend and Katie Finlay as Gabrielle.

Recommended. This is one of the movies where you can guess where the plot is going to end, but getting there is the fun part. As fun as it can be, there are moments in which our hero goes over the line in his overindulgence. Harassment is not ok nor is unprovoked violence. Yes, he does get sent to the principal’s office and the police are called but then all thoughts are on evading responsibility. It’s the only smudge in this otherwise perfectly stained comedy.

This trailer gives away more than half the movie, so proceed with caution:

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