(Source: Metropole Films Distribution / Mongrel Media)
(Source: Metropole Films Distribution / Mongrel Media)

When Animals Dream by director Jonas Alexander Amby is a horror movie worth your time. Leave the popcorn at home though.

If there’s something I don’t like about horror films is when the story is limited to people running around. I want to see some character development, I want to be drawn into the character’s mindset. There’s a lot (not all of them, but a lot) of mainstream horror films that are essentially shock films. They can scare you, but the thrills and chills come out of shock. Rarely do you see a slow buildup or tension based in realization.

Marie lives in a small fishing town. Her mother is confined to a wheelchair and rarely does she acknowledge anything anymore. Her father makes sure Marie goes to the doctor every month. Marie gets a job at a seafood processing plant. Doesn’t look like a recipe for a horror film.

But it is a horror film, and it isn’t. This is a movie that belongs to the horror genre without bypassing being a film that tells a story with great characters and above the top acting. You are not going to get huge speeches or witty pop references. The dialog is simple and to the point because the story is about the simple and down-to-earth life in a small town. None of the characters are out of place in their surroundings. It’s a beautiful film with one young woman discovering herself. She just happens to be more than a regular person. And some people will not make it to the credits. The discovery is gradual and way before the body count begins you know already what’s going on. But at that time, you have been drawn into this world and are rooting for the main character.

Recommended. It’s full of great performances, natural small town settings and it will draw empathy more than fear. If you are looking to be scared out of your mind or jumping out of your seat, you might want to look elsewhere. That’s not to say everything is nice. Before the film ends, some throats will be ripped out. It doesn’t indulge itself in gore though. The story comes first.

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