(Source: Paradigm)
(Source: Paradigm)

Time Lapse is the last of my time-travel inspired movies from Fantasia. Masterfully written by director Bradley King and producer B.P. Cooper, the story is not about traveling in time but rather catching a glimpse. To be more precise, a picture.

Aspiring painter Finn, his girlfriend Callie and his friend Jasper live together in a small house in the community where Finn works as a janitor . They discover one of their neighbors has passed away, leaving behind a machine that takes an instant picture of their living room at 8pm. The picture however, shows an instance in time of 24 hours in the future.

An avid follower of horse races, Jasper immediately sees a use for betting. Finn finds works of art he can make reality. It’s all coming up roses, but Finn and Callie’s relationship will soon become strained. Jasper’s winning streak will bring unwanted attention from criminal elements. As things will spiral out, secrets come out and just as you think the plot couldn’t get any thicker, it will.

Highly recommended as one of the best movies I’ve ever seen, this one can easily be the best one in 2014 Fantasia Film Festival. I love the minimalistic approach to both cast and setting as each new picture sets higher expectations than the last. Are they really seeing the future or are they making it up as they comply with each new picture? What happens if they change it? Easily my favorite movie this year, although Predestination comes very close.

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(Sources: Fantasia)