It’s time to wrap up the 2020 Fantasia International Film Festival, and as sad as it makes me to type that phrase, I am deeply thankful to the entire Fantasia team for going the extra mile for their first-ever all-digital edition. The official festival finished just a few days ago (September 2nd) but we always take a few days to post the remaining reviews, celebrate some winning films and choose some winners of our own.

The Cheval Noir award for Best Film went to Marygoround, whose director Daria Woszek also won for Best Director. The award for Best Actress went to Grazyna Misiorowska for the same film. Best Screenplay went to Brea Grant for 12 Hour Shift. You can read the full list of winners on the official Fantasia press release.

Now let’s get to our own list. Of course, this is a just a silly tongue-and-cheek game where we shine a spotlight on some movies we loved. Due to that, only movies I’ve seen show up in this list.

(Source: Fantasia Film Festival)

The One-Not-To-Be-Missed: For once the jury and I agree! This one goes to Marygoround. I would also add the fantastic sets and the cinematography is to die for. Grazyna Misiorowska’s performance is top notch. Runner-ups: Clapboard Jungle, Detention, Hunted.

The Checkmate: I love a movie where two masterminds must spar with their intellect. Best one this year goes to Sheep Without A Shepherd. Runner-ups: Minor Premise, Kakegurui.

Scare You Shitless: This is the scariest film, plain and simple. This is the one that makes you sleep with the lights on. This award goes to The Dark and The Wicked. Runner-ups: Detention, Come True, Alone.

(Source: Fantasia Film Festival)

The Work of Art: This one goes to the best looking filmography, which must also be matched with great performances, an amazing soundtrack and a solid story. This one goes to Come True, which also had some truly scary scenes. Runner-ups: Sayo, Marygoround, Hunted.

Speaking Truth to Power: This one goes to Lucky, which has the strongest meta-commentary with a surreal take or a serious subject. Runner-ups: Hunted, Lapsis.

The Hilarious Horror: Without missing a step, Anything for Jackson balances real horror and dark humour. Amazingly, it’s also a very scary film. Runner-ups: The Columnist, Yummy.

The Bloodfest Of Ages: Blood, gore and a death counter. This one changed the very last night when For The Sake Of Vicious just claimed it. Runner-ups: Yummy, The Columnist.

Kickstart My Heart: The one that had your blood pumping throughout. For The Sake Of Vicious gets this one, no contest. Runner-ups: Alone.

Mega Fun City: When you want mindless brain candy fun and just let loose. This one was harder to pick than I thought, but I’m going to give it to The Columnist. Runner-ups: Fried Barry, The Mortuary Collection, Special Actors, I WeirDo.

(Source: Fantasia Film Festival)

Run For Your Life: The chase is on, the chase is brutal and surviving is key. Hunted had a memorable stalker, a kick-ass survivor and some ethereal imagery for a broken fairy tale. Runner-ups: Alone.

The One With Mazinger: I might be a little biased in choosing this one, but this film just made me feel like a kid again. Of course, we’re talking about Project Dreams: Building a Hangar for Mazinger Z. Runner-ups: None.

The Adorable Jukebox: Getting the sweet, the quirk, the weird and the adorable in one happy cereal box toy is just amazing. I WeirDo takes this one without question. Runner-ups: Dinner in America, Jumbo.

(Source: Fantasia Film Festival)

Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot: The weird gets weirder and I’m still processing it. This one goes to Fried Barry. Runner-ups: I WeirDo, Monster Seafood Squad.

The Science Faction: The classic, hard and cold aspect of science fiction is not forgotten for this film. This year is goes to Lapsis and their realistic depiction of an alternate struggle between companies and independent contractors. Runner-ups: Undergods, Come True.

The Party Crasher: There’s always a surprise film that does everything it means to do and then some. I’m going to give it to Anything For Jackson. Runner-ups: Sayo.

(Source: Fantasia Film Festival)

The Mystic Meditator: Calming, soothing and making you ponder some deep questions, this one is less than a puzzle and more of warm cup of tea for the soul. Definitely goes to Sayo. Runner-ups: None.

Update: Fantasia’s official Audience Awards were also revealed on Friday. For Best Asian Feature, Gold went to Special Actors with Silver going to I WeirDo. For Best European/North-South American Feature, Gold went to The Mortuary Collection, Silver to The Columnist and Bronze to The Dark and The Wicked. For Best Canadian Feature, Gold went to The Oak Room in a tie with Slaxx and Silver to Come True. Most Groundbreaking Film of the Festival went to Come True. You can read the full press release here.

I want to thank everyone in the excellent Fantasia Team for their hard work and congratulate them on a very successful first digital version of the Fantasia International Film Festival. Please take a bow and until we see each other next year, bon cinéma!

That will do for now.