There are many things this film does well, but I should warn you it doesn’t fall neatly into the science fiction category. Let’s face it, most movies that are called science fiction these days don’t, but this is not about that sort of action-fantasy. This is about a turn and a twist that I did not mind, but definitely will divide some audiences. Also, we’re going into creepy territory so if you’re prone to nightmares, watch this during the day.

Come True is written and directed by Anthony Scott Burns. It tells the story of a young girl named Sarah (Julia Sarah Stone) who’s run away from home. She agrees to take part in a sleep experiment hoping to find a safe place to sleep and hopefully not have any bad dreams. She will soon become the focus of the experiment, as her nightmares feature a shadow that has been seen and catalogued before. Breaking all rules, one of the younger doctors named Jeremy (Landon Liboiron) will try to help her break through.

First of all, it is true that this film changes tone. It goes from more grounded science-fiction into the realm of the fantastic. However, I couldn’t help but become more and more focused on the cinematography and the choice of the color palette for each scene. The way that rooms and streets are depicted are striking. It also contains the most amazing soundtrack by Electric Youth and Pilotpriest. One more thing, the dream sequences are really well done without being complicated. They’re really going to speak to some of people’s worst fears. You might have some people that cannot watch them at all.

Highly recommended with reservations. For lovers of hardcore, grounded science-fiction, the tonality shift might be a dealbreaker specially with the final reveal at the end. For me, I found the movie quite a cinematic experience of sights and sound. Yes, the initial premise require some retconning (or mental gymnastics if you prefer) to be justified by the end. However, at that point it didn’t negate the fact that I had been enjoying the entire atmosphere created by the film. Not everyone will agree.

That will do for now.