Zombies. It wouldn’t be Fantasia without them. As this edition is close to the end, it’s time to bring the gore and dismemberment to your home screen. This time the blood feast comes from Belgium and our crazy living dead are at a huge disadvantage – the so-called heroes don’t seem to amount to a single brain in smarts. Fortunately, the zombies make it up with huge numbers. You were not planning on rooting for the survivors here, were you?

Yummy was directed by Lars Damoiseaux who also wrote it with Eveline Hagenbeek. We follow the misadventures of Alison (Maaike Neuville) who is tired of all the leering of men and wishes to have a breast-reduction operation. For that she enlists her constantly disapproving mother Oksana (Taeke Nicolai) who wouldn’t mind to have some additional work done, and her mild-mannered clutz of a boyfriend Michael (Bart Hollanders). The three head out to the infamous Klinika Krawczyk who offers all they want plus a few additional procedures not in the brochure.

Of course everyone at this clinic seems to have skipped the ethics course and their experimental skin cell technology has had a few side effects. It is clumsy Michael that ends up allowing an afflicted patient zero to escape. Seriously, mad scientists should really learn to lock the doors to subjects from their experiments-gone-awry. Fortunately, Michael studied medicine. Ok, one year of medicine, actually. And he quit because he faints at the sight of blood. They’re screwed.

Recommended for zombie enthusiast with reservations. Yes, it’s a gore fest of a zombie outbreak, everyone you meet is bound to betray you intentionally or due to plain stupidity. It doesn’t bring anything new to the table, which is fine for audiences that want a straight out zombie fest. This is a movie that knows very well what it is, so everything it promises it delivers in buckets. It doesn’t work as well when you watch it by yourself. I’d love to have seen it with a crowd.

That will do for now.