I didn’t loved this film from the start. Initially the characters seemed annoying. However, as I kept watching I found they endeared themselves to me, or I just warmed up to them. When a lot of films are full of cynicism of life, this one proved it was full of heart, soul and punk rock. Of course to get there we’re going to have to be accomplices to vandalism, drug use, drug dealing, some light arson and a few other crimes and misdemeanors. Here we go.

(Source: Fantasia Film Festival)

Dinner in America was written and directed by Adam Carter Rehmeier. It’s the story of Simon (Kyle Gallner), a hostile, violent and loud punk and the mild-mannered, reserved and introverted Patty (Emily Skaggs). Simon gets in trouble as easily as one puts on a pair of pants. Patty is bullied by mostly everyone in her life. Their encounter will lead us to discover Simon might have a heart underneath his hostile façade and Patty might be more punk rock that anybody can imagine.

This is a film that basically had me change my mind. I honestly thought I was going to hate it until past the middle point. Patty is naive in many things, but quite strong in others. The fact that Simon can start to see her for what she can be is a discovery that also exposes that Simon is not all noise. It’s not that either character needs to change their act, it’s that they can both defy convention and feed off each other’s zeal for life.

Strongly recommended for those living life loudly and those who wish they could. This one starts as a comedy and shows up everyone that punk rock can exist even in the most introverted of hearts. Great performances by the main cast. Some of the antagonists feel too close to caricaturesque cliches of bullies, but then so do bullies in real life. All in all one you should not miss.

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