This one is a bit of an anthology compilation where the stories are mixed together, not necessarily related but definitely connected. We have depictions of people surviving in a heavily industrialized but impoverished place. We get the civilized section and the more dystopian urban wasteland, whether they exist in the same world or two connected ones, I was never sure and didn’t affect the story.

(Source: Fantasia Film Festival)

Undergods was written and directed by Chino Moya. It’s a smorgasbord of scenarios in stages of urban decay where some still cling to the idea of property and wealth despite other places becoming completely uninhabitable. The film never clears up whether we’re talking about an alternate present of our world or an alternate future. Technology seems to have grown stagnant for many years.

I felt more invested in the decrepit wasteland than the isolated instances of urban development. The two characters that pick up corpses had more potential but less screentime. The wide vistas of both dystopian and urban landscapes are compelling. Everything seems to have attained progress and just start weathering away. Some stories could take place next door while others really come from a depressing future. As much as I followed the thread, which only connected by circumstance, I thought some stories ended up incomplete.

Recommended with reservations for dystopian enthusiasts. I found myself always trying to reinvest in the story but expecting to be interrupted at any time. I wished for a more common thread or even perhaps a stronger theme to bring more of a coherent theme together. Even as bleak as it is, I was hoping for a more sarcastic tone to spice up the narrative. In the end, I would have preferred the focus to stick around in the ruins that go back to the dull urban civilization.

That will do for now.