Now that was a nice double turnaround!

I have to admit I was pretty disappointed with both Supergirl and The Flash last week. They’ve made up for it this week and then some. The big honors go to Supergirl because with this show, last week’s episode is vindicated somewhat. The amount of revelations and progress was astounding, making me appreciate the “homey-ness” from last week as a breather before the storm. The Flash a little less so, but it really got serious with Therefore I Am. Let’s get to it.

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Highs, lows and revelations:

  • This week’s episode managed to do something rarely accomplished, it took a relationship that was growing stale and ended with a cliffhanger and grounded it into a much more rich storyline. Mon-El is back. But it’s safe to say Kara and him are not a couple.
  • That hinted at spaceship hidden in National City’s coastline was finally discovered. In it, Mon-El has been laying low after living in the future. The 31st century has changed him a little bit. Well, actually it hasn’t. The showrunners just took a page from Marvel and did one of those confusing situations in which it looks like one characters has turned evil because two people can’t sit down and catch up.
  • Instead, Mon-El gets to act all suspicious to rescue… Imra Ardeen (aka Saturn Girl) which he finally introduces at the end as his wife. And yes, pretty much he’s interrupted every time he starts getting the nerve to tell Kara.
  • At first I didn’t like Mon-El giving away Kara’s identity as Supergirl, then I realized that it’s really happening is that Imra is actually meeting a historic figure and super heroine of legend.
  • Let’s be honest here, the showrunners wanted to save the big reveal of Mon-El having a wife until the last minute therefore they went with the true-and-tried method of “make a character act squirrely until the last minute”).
  • For all the fans that didn’t like Mon-El as Kara’s significant other, this also sinks the ship in a way better than killing him. That being said, we’re going to get some awkward scenes soon.
  • Seems we’re going full steam with the Legion of Superheroes, which reminds me…
  • We also got a new antagonist in the wings, and since she’s been building to it you can guess she’s going to be trouble. Samantha’s identity is going haywire as Reign finallyawakens in her own Fortress of Sanctuary. Very much like Supe’s Solitude crib but made of rock and dirt. Cool but considerably dustier.

And now for a considerably better episode than last week, let’s turn to STAR Labs.

(Source: The CW)

Highs, lows and high education:

  • The episode was remarkably simple. One story with little to no development on the sidelines. Barry becomes obsessed with Devoe. I really thought this was going to go south as he becomes a stalker – and that is still a possibility.
  • On happier news, we have Wally back! Guess they couldn’t keep him away or…
  • Or, they’re lining up Wally to be Devoe’s first victim??? Hopefully NOT. Come on.
  • I have to say The Thinker seems like a more menacing threat as a married couple than as a single entity. Yes, Clifford Devoe is the Thinker but Marlize from the sidelines is a rather intriguing addition to the formula. Darker still? They’re apparently a HAPPY couple. Somehow this makes it feel creepier still.
  • The original Harrison Wells identifying Marlize and Clifford Devoe and proclaiming to be a “fan of their work” remember how Thawne came from the future? Nice consistent backstory retconned!
  • Coming up next week, the Crisis on Earth-X Crossover. Trailer below!

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That will do for now.