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Superhero Weekly: Reign, Don’t Run

Midseason finale time!

Do I even need to say it? Although I will nitpick about both these episodes, Supergirl wins this week with Reign. Easily, the better thought episode that capitalized on a slow build up. While that cat is now finally out of the bag, the Flash went a different way. Two characters, Barry and Caitlin were each kidnapped by their current nemesis. There’s a twist at the end that relies on a ton of exposition and although there’s some merit, there was little payoff.

Let’s start in National City.


(Source: The CW)

Highs, Lows and Ancient Prophesies:

  • Samantha finally embraces her Reign self, rather unconsciously of course. We still get the scenes with Ruby just to put salt in the wound of what comes after.
  • The religious tones of that episode with Rao prophet Thomas Covell are finally explained. Reign is not a baddie of the week.
  • The speech that Alex Danvers gives Kara about embracing her Kryptonian side fully and completely is a very nice touch. It gave me goosebumps to know that Alex would tell her sister to be alien.
  • Very good decision on keeping Reign hidden for a good part of the episode.
  • I’m not fully sold on Reign’s costume. Without a cape would be best, but I do understand the reason behind it. We wanted the shadow to appear as some sort of Supergirl-like silhouette.
  • The mask sort of works as we want to see Samantha but not have her recognized. Wouldn’t prosthetics work better here? And why is the waist so high up? It looks like she’s slouching in some scenes.
  • Really? Lena Luthor and… Jimmy Olsen? No, I never saw it. Not even a bit. I think it was dreamed up for this last episode. Definitely nothing as obvious as Samantha and Kara play it up to be.
  • Imra and Mon-El just can’t stop hurting Kara as they try to “help”. This was a bit grating as they can’t help but flaunt their relationship when they’re together. Even worse, Imra admires Kara so much she can’t stop. However, Mon-El who should know better, should really learn to walk away.
  • Morgan Edge, who has been missing most of the season (thank God) reappears just to hide from Reign and see if he can throw shade at Supergirl. Also, he’s not behind the glyph or the murders, but tries to arrange one AFTER Lena accuses him just to see if he could get that one under the radar.
  • I prefer Reign’s look from the comics, but I am willing to give this one a chance.
  • The Legion of Superheroes. Will they fly? Meaning, will they really work?

Okey, time to speed up to Central City.


(Source: The CW)

Highs, Lows and Flying Armchairs:

  • Barry is captured by The Thinker. There’s no real build-up, suddenly he decides to grab him. Yes, we’ve been introduced to the character but plan and twist are all part of this episode. Nothing triggers the attack.
  • Caitlin is captured by… Wait, let me look up her name… Amonet. I don’t hate Katee Sakhoff, but I have not seen her work. I have only her performance here to go on and she’s not memorable in any way.
  • When did we get inside jokes with Killer Frost? Where are those scenes?
  • Anybody find Ralph Dibny funny? Anybody want to wear his costume for Halloween? Do you want to put up posters of him on your wall? No? Ok. Can he please leave the show already?
  • Caitlin’s plight is the usual “need a doctor” story line where a doctor is forced to operate on a patient, in this case this guy Dominic.
  • Barry’s plight is to try to get out of an unbreakable barrier.
  • And the whole thing is to give Iris the conundrum of who should receive an assist: her husband or Caitlin. She chooses Cait, because Barry can take care of himself.
  • Actually, the answer was Flash. The Flash is the fastest man alive so if he’s free he can go save Caitlin.
  • Or even better, he can fail at saving Caitlin – meaning Caitlin finally saves herself and becomes Killer Frost with a grudge at both Barry and Iris. The circle would be complete.
  • I liked Caitlin’s ruse the better, use the fact that both she and Dominic are covering their faces to put everyone else to sleep.
  • Marlize Devoe is The Thinker’s partner – not his minion. I do believe there was something to be said there, as Barry probes for a weak spot.
  • We get a mini Christmas scene because I guess we wanted a Christmas scene.
  • We get a twist, a little improvised and flaky. That’s not the worst part. The worst is the reveal has to come with a long drawn-out exposition via flashbacks.
  • The Thinker transferred his consciousness into Dominic. The Flash has run home to find Clifford Devoe’s body dead and a knife with blood next to him.
  • The Thinker held The Flash captive at the same time that Caitlin was with Dominic captured by Amonet. At the same time, that’s why Iris was forced to choose. So, The Thinker was attacking Barry after he transferred his consciousness. Was this Thinker a mere puppet? Was this a dying part of his consciouness that he left behind and he was in two bodies at the same time?
  • No, I don’t think the twist works here. I know there are worst plot holes in your average DC comic, but this one just felt rushed and unnecessary.

That will do for now.

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Superhero Weekly: I Wake Up, Therefore I Am. Wow

Now that was a nice double turnaround!

I have to admit I was pretty disappointed with both Supergirl and The Flash last week. They’ve made up for it this week and then some. The big honors go to Supergirl because with this show, last week’s episode is vindicated somewhat. The amount of revelations and progress was astounding, making me appreciate the “homey-ness” from last week as a breather before the storm. The Flash a little less so, but it really got serious with Therefore I Am. Let’s get to it.


(Source: The CW)

Highs, lows and revelations:

  • This week’s episode managed to do something rarely accomplished, it took a relationship that was growing stale and ended with a cliffhanger and grounded it into a much more rich storyline. Mon-El is back. But it’s safe to say Kara and him are not a couple.
  • That hinted at spaceship hidden in National City’s coastline was finally discovered. In it, Mon-El has been laying low after living in the future. The 31st century has changed him a little bit. Well, actually it hasn’t. The showrunners just took a page from Marvel and did one of those confusing situations in which it looks like one characters has turned evil because two people can’t sit down and catch up.
  • Instead, Mon-El gets to act all suspicious to rescue… Imra Ardeen (aka Saturn Girl) which he finally introduces at the end as his wife. And yes, pretty much he’s interrupted every time he starts getting the nerve to tell Kara.
  • At first I didn’t like Mon-El giving away Kara’s identity as Supergirl, then I realized that it’s really happening is that Imra is actually meeting a historic figure and super heroine of legend.
  • Let’s be honest here, the showrunners wanted to save the big reveal of Mon-El having a wife until the last minute therefore they went with the true-and-tried method of “make a character act squirrely until the last minute”).
  • For all the fans that didn’t like Mon-El as Kara’s significant other, this also sinks the ship in a way better than killing him. That being said, we’re going to get some awkward scenes soon.
  • Seems we’re going full steam with the Legion of Superheroes, which reminds me…
  • We also got a new antagonist in the wings, and since she’s been building to it you can guess she’s going to be trouble. Samantha’s identity is going haywire as Reign finallyawakens in her own Fortress of Sanctuary. Very much like Supe’s Solitude crib but made of rock and dirt. Cool but considerably dustier.

And now for a considerably better episode than last week, let’s turn to STAR Labs.


(Source: The CW)

Highs, lows and high education:

  • The episode was remarkably simple. One story with little to no development on the sidelines. Barry becomes obsessed with Devoe. I really thought this was going to go south as he becomes a stalker – and that is still a possibility.
  • On happier news, we have Wally back! Guess they couldn’t keep him away or…
  • Or, they’re lining up Wally to be Devoe’s first victim??? Hopefully NOT. Come on.
  • I have to say The Thinker seems like a more menacing threat as a married couple than as a single entity. Yes, Clifford Devoe is the Thinker but Marlize from the sidelines is a rather intriguing addition to the formula. Darker still? They’re apparently a HAPPY couple. Somehow this makes it feel creepier still.
  • The original Harrison Wells identifying Marlize and Clifford Devoe and proclaiming to be a “fan of their work” remember how Thawne came from the future? Nice consistent backstory retconned!
  • Coming up next week, the Crisis on Earth-X Crossover. Trailer below!

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That will do for now.

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