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Superhero Weekly: Black Jesus, Both Sides Now and True Colors

I must say, The Flash really tried this week. There were several good things, but the episode as a whole is a bit all over the place. Consistently good, Black Lightning once more takes the lead as the character of Tobias Whale becomes more interesting and Anissa Pierce keeps stealing the spotlight. Supergirl delves deeper into the Kryptonian Worldkillers as Purity is revealed, but it’s Alex Danvers that brings about the best moments in this week’s episode. So who takes the lead this time?

It’s Black Lightning again as we go deep into the superhero myth with Black Jesus.


(Source: The CW)

  • Anissa Pierce keeps stealing the spotlight. Yes, Jefferson is interesting. Lynn is a driving force. Henderson is shady, I still say he’s definitely dirty. Gambi is hiding information from Jefferson. With all this threads going on, who’s the player of the week in this show of the week?
  • It’s Tobias Whale of course! Well, not just him but the world around him. We get more on Lady Eve as she seems to be dissecting a living person. We meet Tobias’ sister Tori who wants to turn the world against Lightning. And we see Tobias getting close with Khalil and offering to show him how to kill his pain.
  • But Anissa is still shining as well. As she gets the drop of two drug dealers, we also get a real world call as the two thugs end badly hurt and Anissa ends up calling for an ambulance.
  • Anissa also gets extra points as she represents the superhero side versus law enforcement at the table where Inspector Henderson and his wife are all about painting Black Lightning as a vigilante and nothing more.
  • We also get Gambi playing a curator with the truth as he makes sure that Jefferson does not see the footage of Anissa going X-Woman as she protects Grace. Seems Gambi not only feels that Black Lightning is necessary, he also wants Black Lightning back. So much so, that he’ll lie and hide stuff from Jefferson to make sure nothing deters him from the superhero life.

Supergirl scores the second place in today’s week with the excellent Both Sides Now.


(Source: The CW)

  • The mythos of the Kryptonian Worldkillers becomes more intriguing as each shows to have an oblivious, almost innocent, human side component. Purity / Julia is played by Krys Marshall. She has a Hannibal Lecter moment as she gets under Alex Danver’s skin.
  • Which brings us to Chyler Leigh’s brilliant portrayal of her character Alex Danvers as she second guesses her decisions. Besides the scene in which she and Purity trade barbs and Alex ends up shaken to her core, there’s one short scene that spoke volumes. Alex walking nervously, obviously upset, getting a much needed hug from Wynn.
  • I know it’s supposed to be a tender moment, but what I thought really poignant was just Alex walking nervously without a word and trembling as she was simply far more vulnerable than we’ve ever seen her. Just for that scene, Supergirl could’ve been at the very top of this list this week, except…
  • Except it’s a bit off. The entire setup of Purity/Julia going against Kara and Alex is supposed to be this juxtaposition scenario. It feels clunky because Alex is not really a cynical character nor has she acted as one in the previous episodes. I know the reason is her recent breakup with Maggie, but the only reason I know that is because of all the exposition they had to add surrounding the scene. Yes, I did like the conversation but the over-the-top transformation of Alex as tough-as-nails interrogator is a huge stretch.
  • Kudos once again to Katie McGrath’s amazing Lena Luthor but unfortunately most of her scenes were with my least favourite new character. I’m talking about mediocre kid actor Ruby (Emma Tremblay). I never believe her acting since she appeared. She’s an amateur act that seems to play being a kid. Every scene with her is a bit of a cringe fest as it feels like she’s a tween playing an eight year old.
  • Going back to Lena, has she really figured out what’s wrong with Samantha Arias? It would be really interesting to see Kara defending Samantha while Lena tries to prove she knows she’s Reign but I am not that lucky. I feel we’re being setup for a letdown here, but I will be glad to be proven wrong. Please let me be wrong.
  • The other suckfest is Mon-El (Chris Wood). He’s supposed to be a different character now, grown up and matured. Unfortunately this transition is a bit forced. To the point that when someone praises him on some accomplishment I can’t help but roll my eyes a bit. Make him win some point in present time and not in something he did off camera somewhere in the future.
  • That being said, there was a twist this week with the possibility that Imra and Brainiac actually planned this supposedly accidental trip back to the past. This cliffhanger of a twist seems to be intentional for a hiatus period.

The Flash really went for broke this week with True Colors, but still ends up last.


(Source: The CW)

  • I did like Barry Allen figuring out how to break from a meta prison using science. That was cool and unexpected. The whole escape from prison had a Suicide Squad vibe but seemed to be robbed of a satisfying finale in the end.
  • Okey I gotta say it. We got a killer Killer Frost scene as Caitlin Snow goes to pep talk Ralph and literally cuts herself with glass to bring her alter ego out. That being said I noticed they went with some scenes of Killer Frost without using contacts. This kinda mitigates her usual alien look, and I wonder if it was done to make her more relatable. I rather prefer the more icy look.
  • Are we putting seeds of discord in the perfect couple? Marlize Devoe seems to finally showing some cracks in the armor at her husband’s murder of Warden Wolff.
  • And Barry is out! Well, I guess that’s that. And it was rather anti-climatic, making me think this was never long term.
  • Devoe is now in the persona/body of Becky Sharpe aka Hazard (Sugar Lyn Beard). This weakens the character as we no longer have a clear image that can mature into the villainous face since it switches to a different one. That just dilutes the identity and never cements his presence which was the same issue with Savitar last season. I feel like you have to make the villain tangible enough for the public to make a solid association.

That will do for now.

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Superhero Weekly: For Good, Book of Burial and Shrunk Team Flash

This is a bit of a weird week.

In order of pwnage, Supergirl is really tied with Black Lightning this week and The Flash is a very, very distant third. It’s a close call between the leads, but there were a few things this week that just stalled them both. I’m afraid The Flash is going to be sticking with third place for a while, specially with a story about shrinking people. Ok, let’s go.

Supergirl leads with For Good. Barely.


(Source: The CW)

  • Literally, the show was pursuing a few things but the one extraordinary diamond in the rough that shines true was Katie McGrath playing Lena Luthor. The character has sort of an ambiguous aspect that always seems to be one step from the dark destiny of her family. It’s seeing Lena balance her act between accepting who she is and deciding who she wants to be that made the show for me and gives it the first place this week.
  • I wanted to feel for Samantha. However, I didn’t feel this character has actually had a lot of scenes with the rest of the cast for them to bond. It really feels a bit forced. Plus the fact that the show had to recall that Alex has a medical background (which I had to check, yes it was there) to have her scan Samantha at LexCorp Labs. Something just didn’t work with that scene.
  • The other one is the hallmark moment of Kara, Alex and Lena supporting Samantha. I like Samantha’s character because she’s complex, but the whole “BFFs” feels a little too naive for a buildup that is definitely going to hurt. Perhaps that’s the whole message, but this is looking a little too Disney right now.
  • Morgan Edge and Lillian Luthor are back. And they’re out. Their only good scenes were both of them confronting Lena Luthor. Also, one extra point for the scene in which Lena confesses to Kara that she tried to kill Edge, a moment that plays with Kara and the audience until we realize she’s talking about that time she went after him in a previous episode. That had us going for a moment.

Perhaps Black Lightning should’ve taken it this week with Lawanda: Book of Burial.


(Source: The CW)

  • Jefferson Pierce continues to be the most interesting character in the show. That being said, and I’m definitely nitpicking here I’m not sure how are we going to balance the realism that permeates the city of Freeland with the superhero aspect. Are we going for full dark and sinister? Are we going to be a little lighter sometimes enough to believe there’s hope? Right now, we don’t know the show so without compromise we’re not seeing neither good nor evil get the upper hand yet.
  • There’s interesting dynamics never before explored here. Inspector Henderson (Damon Gupton) representing the underpaid and overworked civil servant versus Reverend Jeremiah Holt (Clifton Powell) who lives from his congregation. I do have my reservations on whether the police inspector is dirty or not though…
  • The rising story is Anissa Pierce developing her powers and ending her relationship with Chenoa after flirting with newcomer Grace Choi (Chantal Thuy). Whether Anissa will become Thunder or Grace exhibit any of her comics’ counterpart meta-human abilities remains to be seen.
  • We also get another plot concerning Jennifer and her blossoming romance with Khalil. The fact that she’s planning to have sex and sharing this information with her parents is something new. However, Jefferson’s interaction with Khalil was just awkward and unnecessary.
  • The villains are definitely still at comic-book level. Seems even Tobias Whale (Marvin Jones the Third) must answer to a higher power. We meet Lady Eve (Jill Scott) who seems to be the only one able to challenge him. I know this is a superhero show and all, but switching from real community problems to James-Bond-esque villains chewing the scenery is a bit of a contrast.

And finally, The Flash lags behind with Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash.


(Source: The CW)

  • I didn’t like when Arrow threw in shrinking with The Atom and I don’t think I liked it any better in this week’s episode. The baddie of the week is capable of shrinking objects and people in a way-too-convenient fashion. Again, I know this is a superhero universe but to blatantly ignore the law of the conservation of mass is something I can’t suspend my disbelief over. For me, it’s like if Star Wars’ R2-D2 was able to fly all this time.
  • Cecille can read minds now. No, I don’t buy it as a coincidence of her pregnancy. It has to be related to something else. If this is really random then… It’s really random. And lazy.
  • The one entertaining bit at the end was the warden discovering Barry and hauling him off to what looks like a meta-containment facility. Seems the warden is in cahoots with Amonet Black (Katee Sackhoff) aka the least convincing villain in the show. The fact that we’ll have Sackhoff doing her cringy evil-lyn act already anticipates the show ending in third place yet again. On the other hand, that also might mean some Killer Frost time.

That will do for now.

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Superhero Weekly: Lawanda, Fort Rozz & Elongated Man

It’s getting crowded here.

We had our hands full last week covering all three shows, but it’s hard to just stop or drop any. So what we’re trying out this week, is focusing on the things that made and broke each weekly offering for us. This means a little less conversation and a little more action. So, first thing, who wins this week? Well, in a repeat result… Black Lightning takes the cake, Supergirl comes in second and The Flash is still in a funk, beside being behind bars.

In order of win, we’ll start with Black Lightning and this week’s episode, Lawanda: Book of Hope.

LaWanda: The Book of Hope

(Source: The CW)

Why it wins this week:

  • Black Lightning breaks the mold of the superhero with a mild mannered personality and life. There’s no Clark Kent moments here. Jefferson Pierce is living in a city plagued with corruption and crime. He can’t escape, he can’t be oblivious to it, he hurts, he bleeds and it takes its toll.
  • The idea of vigilantism and/or heroism is not about born from revenge, it’s a genuinely a sense of justice and the survival of Jefferson’s own kind. It’s his community that is getting killed out there.
  • Lynn and Peter Gambi have a bit of showdown. Is either of them right? Is either of them wrong? There is no clear winner.
  • Anissa and Chenoa’s love life is highlighted including their intimate moments. It’s an unapologetic sexual relationship. On one side, good for them. On the other side… No, actually let’s not judge.
  • We get to know Lawanda, former student of Jefferson and now mother of one of the girls at the Seahorse hotel. When Lala kills her, it’s sudden, it’s brutal and you feel powerless to stop it. That was as real as it gets.

Runner up again this week, Supergirl. It’s an all-female battle with Fort Rozz.


(Source: The CW)

The good, the bad, the Ursa:

  • Yes, that is Sarah Douglas who played Ursa from Superman II, in the role of Priestess Jyndal Kohl Rozz.
  • Returning female villains Livewire (Brit Morgan) and Psi (Yael Grobglas) are onboard for anything that will stop Reign. I guess the episode was too short to show some shades of grey.
  • Imra is basically the getaway driver. We need to define her character and power set a little more. Can she fly? Is she a telepath? What’s her deal?
  • Livewire dies because… Well, that’s the thing. She just dies. She hasn’t really been active in a while, so I’m not sure what her death accomplishes here. I guess the idea is to give Supergirl more gravitas… Wait, that can’t be it. It doesn’t work.
  • Brainiac 5 and Wynn have a little tech-geek-out contest. I don’t know why we lost time with this, except to make some supposedly last minute save… No, it didn’t work at all.
  • We first see Samantha (Odette Annable) grappling with Reign. First through Psi and later with Alex when she realizes there’s entire periods of time in which she doesn’t remember where she has been. Now, I like Samantha but she should get in trouble with Lena over her disappearance. That has to happen sometime.
  • Ruby getting Alex to scare a cyberbully was saving grace for the episode. Well, almost but it was a cool moment.

And last again this week, despite being the fastest man alive, it’s The Flash. Well, actually Barry is just hanging out in the big house so it’s time for Ralph to spread his wings.


(Source: The CW)

Anything here?

  • Okey, so I’m a fan of Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost (bet you didn’t notice ha ha). Only funny moment on the show was Cisco and Wells getting Cait to Frost-up in an instant by mentioning the name of her childhood bully. Of course, then I felt really bad for poor Cait being psychologically manipulated the next second.
  • We’re still doing that thing where Killer Frost is supposed to be ineffective just so that Barry -ok, now it was Ralph- can come save the day. Boo. Hiss.
  • On top of that, now Vibe is also completely ineffective as well. Guess it has to be Ralph who bravely… monologues? Really? He has time to do that?
  • The new suit is an improvement because the previous suit looked like crap. Still, Ralph still sucks and I can’t find him funny or engaging or even mildly amusing.
  • Corinne Bohrer reprises her role of Prank from the 1990’s Flash. No Mark Hamill though. And… the new Prankster really doesn’t make that much of an impact at all.
  • Barry meets Goldberg aka Big Sir. It’s a comic book villain’s name but here it’s an inmate that was helped by Barry’s father Henry. So Big Sir returns the favor, but almost gets jumped on. Barry has to subtly use his powers to save him. Not a bad scene, but still… Felt like too little too late.

That will do for now.

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