Yes, I’m bringing Superhero Weekly back, but perhaps every other week? Once a month? We’ll see, it just takes time to write. Here’s some commentary on the state of each show as the new week starts again.

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Supergirl tackled mental illness with In Search Of Lost Time. Carl Lumbly is doing an amazing role as M’yrnn J’onzz (J’onn’s father). The telepathic twist served as a plot device which provided Kara with a much needed catharsis: she outed her repressed feelings at Mon-El. The episode also includes Lena convincing Samantha of her Reign personality and of course, Mon-El’s comic-accurate superhero suit, but the only reason why the show goes first is an honest take on dementia and mental illness which was a rare decision.

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Black Lightning had its season finale and although I’ve lauded them on most of their decisions, I have felt the last episodes didn’t bring anything new from the hero/family side. I wasn’t too excited about the final battle of Black Lightning & family vs ASA. First there was the whole hiding out to just be found, then the family bands together while the bad ASA guys are obviously going to lose… I didn’t feel there was anything at stake at any point. How exactly do the Pierce family beat Proctor from his command center to the place where he was hiding the metas? You could argue they were not in the same place, but they were far away from the city several moments ago. I saw more development with Tobias Whale, Syonade and new henchman Khalil. My interest in the last episodes was completely on Tobias’ team as they rise above the evil ranks to apparently end up on top. BTW, Gambi totally killed Proctor before he could spill the beans on Gambi’s other secrets.

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Arrow has been reaching out for straws for most of the season, with Team Arrow self destroying down to their core members. However, I considered Oliver’s move to go back to basics not the best but literally (yes, I’m going to use that word) the only possible move that the show could do at this time. We’re literally going down to the core here: Oliver has lost everything at this point. His attempt to fix things with Anatoly could’ve give him some sort of edge but it took too long and now Diaz has handed him over to his corrupt authorities. We’ve seen some building blocks to get Black Siren possibly turning around. Now Anatoly may have forgiven and even be on his side although the moment in which he could’ve helped seems past. I don’t know about the B-team. Rene seems to have calmed down, but Dinah has not forgotten about Black Siren. We’re going to do a trial thing that will either be a courtroom drama or a complete wash. Oliver has hit rock bottom and I think the show has decided the only way they can really build any momentum is to let their lead completely and utterly lose to bring about a big comeback. With all of his former allies scattered but watching, does he have a chance? Does the show?

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And on last place we have The Flash. They’re still in better position than Arrow regarding plot but all the cameos they’re pulling should give you an idea of how the show is holding up to time. The dynamics of finding the “bus metas” and the whole DeVoe/Thinker thing being that he just completely guesses (I haven’t seen him deduce anything, he just will guess everything and we’re supposed to take that as being smart) what is going to happen before it does became boring fast. Perhaps that illustrates something about CW villains. Coming up with a new antagonist seems to become harder with every new season. I loved the original Wells/Thawne supervillain. Zoom I liked a bit less. It’s gone completely downhill as they depend on more CGI. The Thinker has assumed way too many identities to remain constant and just now has come back to DeVoe’s face. More important, he hasn’t done anything but sound like he should be smart which annoys me.

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Now it seems it will be a while until they decide to bring back Killer Frost. I love Caitlin Snow, but her subplots were relegated to having a love interest until the meta thing happened. Her duality playing the double role of scientist-ally and villain-turned-hero was one of the few things I could count on. Whether Frost will make a later appearance is up in the air, but I’m already expecting whatever role she has to play in the main storyline to be minimal. It shouldn’t be, and I think the show forgets how much potential they’re squandering. If the worse happens and Caitlin gets nothing to do, I can always hope she joins the Legends.

Holy crap, this wasn’t brief at all and it took time to write. Definitely it’s a weekend thing. Perhaps I should call this the Superhero Weekend Update.

That will do for now.