Now you see him, now you don’t.

Okey, he doesn’t turn invisible which is good. This is a really good looking car to start with. It has the G1 looks down pat on both alt and robot mode. The thing is, even as a model car it really looks and feels the part with diecast all over. This is from Ocular Max very well named Perfection Series and it’s called the PS-01A Sphinx. I chose this one to be my IDW Mirage, but let’s face it this goes all the way up to Masterpiece quality.

2018-04-21 12.09.10

The car is simply gorgeous. It rolls, but due to transformation, you will notice the front wheels cave in under pressure. I don’t know how well that will hold up to time (I fear it will just lie if the gears get loose) but I’m not planning on transforming him back and forth that much. Still, the detail on the car is amazing.

2018-04-21 12.09.26

The side panels can be aligned a little better. However, if you fix it on one side the other side might not be exactly aligned. The worse it will look is how you see it in the picture above. You can almost even it out with a little fiddling. The pilot is removable and you’ll have to take it out to transform Sphinx to robot mode.

2018-04-21 12.45.57

And the robot mode really shines. Relatively easy transformation with only a bit of fiddling here and there. Masterpiece quality here as well as you can pose this figure however you want. Very little kibble, close to zero backpack and foot tilt allow it to stand and look great on any shelf.

2018-04-21 12.48.06

I love the fact that the side panels that remain on his arms turn because I prefer to angle them back. The shoulder rocket is really close to his head but as you can see that doesn’t deter him from turning his head around or tilting it. Since I prefer open shelves at a height just above eye level, I usually have most of my transformers looking down.

In short, very highly recommended if you’re a Mirage fan and want a masterpiece-level quality figure. Even if you’re not, it does look amazing with your other transformer cars and if you’re a completist, Mirage has been featured in IDW as well. He is part of the Lost Light crew. (Spoilers: until he was killed by Star Saber)

2018-04-21 13.36.25

Here’s Sphinx with Masterpiece MP-12 Sideswipe, remembering good ole times. The car population is starting to grow!

That will do for now.