Spoilers might phase in and out of time space continuum.

Crossovers are a mixed bag? I know I’m overusing that description for everything lately, but let’s be honest. Things that happen in a crossover rarely transpire to more in regular continuity. Yes, the previous crossover had Martin Stein’s death and the main couples in Arrow and The Flash tying the knot. By contrast, Elseworlds knows it’s a crossover and everything that happens in it will be undone and rewritten. That being said, a couple of things will stick and there’s still the possibility of a major shakedown at least for one of the shows. The most important thing about a crossover however, is to have fun.

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First order of business, this one only has the big three. That is, The Flash, Supergirl and Arrow. This time it did felt that Supergirl was bringing more to the table, although it does feel that was primarily Tyler Hoechlin as Clark/Superman. The show gave major feels showing Clark and Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch) using the Smallville theme song. They were also very believable as a couple. By contrast, the Freaky Friday/Quantum Leap vibes of having Barry and Oliver swap places was a novelty that might have thrilled a lot of fans but got old quick for me. I appreciated having John Wesley Shipp as Barry/The Flash for one more time. The best thing that Arrow brought to the table this time was Oliver Queen himself, self aware of his role in this universe and accepting his flaws.

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The best thing for me was the first time appearance of Batwoman aka Kate Kane (Ruby Rose). She doesn’t reveal much about herself here. She’s very stoic, a character trait she no doubt gets from Bruce, and she doesn’t open up to any of the visiting superheroes except perhaps one. It was fun to see Supergirl/Kara feeling her own relationship with her cousin reflected on Batwoman/Kate. Supergirl knowing Batwoman is Kate is immediately attributed to her X-Ray vision but I would’ve prefer having Kate deducing Supergirl is Kara Danvers first – give the advantage to the rookie show. Of course, I still think Batwoman saw the Supergirl/Kara thing coming a mile away. Now let’s put some budget into creating a decent lair and getting Batwoman a vehicle? I’m hoping for at least a bike.

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The hype surrounding the idea of Gotham City (aka Chicago) was cool to see, but I somehow guessed that we would not be getting too much Batwoman for the closing episode. Instead, we got a rewritten reality in the Supergirl episode but with very little Supergirl. Yes, Kara somehow bonds with this version of Alex, but there’s some inconsistencies in the whole world-shifting since technically Kara is not from Earth-1. Best to ignore and enjoy the show, I guess. We did get an explanation of why we won’t see Batman / Bruce Wayne in the CW-verse as well as a romantic send-off for the Man of Steel with Lois Lane that evoked the Cristopher Reeve movies. Also, Lois having Supes’ baby could be huge or it simply will never happen or be shown.

It was even closer to a crossover event in storyline and character depiction, since all it mostly wants to do is gives nods, winks, cameos and incorrectly dubbed “easter eggs” (everything was right there with the camera pointed right at it) on the screen. It’s basically Ready Player One without a plot. So, it’s literally Ready Player One (ba dum tss). Ok, to be fair Elseworlds tried to have a plot but since it was literally based on a Macguffin that rewrites reality, we were in a What If story mode the whole time. I won’t deny that is fun as long as you realize that you’ve tuned into The Simpsons during Halloween and you’re watching their Treehouse of Horror stories. Anything goes.

That will do for now.