Yeah, ok.

You know, I should really avoid posting this week. I didn’t feel either Supergirl or The Flash really tried. I mean, you could argue that Supergirl showcased young talent. Technically, The Flash is still working on making Ralph Dibny a superhero (why oh why). So, why did both shows felt like just filler?

(Source: The CW)

Highs, lows and suicide possums

  • I enjoyed the line about the possum that came out of nowhere from Kara at the end. That’s about the only thing I enjoyed from this episode.
  • Most of the episode was a Disney high school made for TV movie.
  • Yes, they casted two young actresses that did a good work being Kara and Alex but the plot was just blah.
  • We got a semi-cameo from J’onn J’onnzz.
  • Kara’s “revised” mother Alura Zor-El reappeared (Erica Durante).
(Source: The CW)

Highs, lows, more lows, way too many lows…

  • So, the baddie of the week has Native American heritage and is trying to claim her people’s artifacts. But who better to show her the error of her ways than two white men… Sorry, but there’s a little tone-deaf-ness in this episode.
  • Ralph Dibny is ruining the whole thing. Wait, he’s not going to wear that underwear thing all the time now, is he? Crap.
  • No, I didn’t find any of the Harrison Wells particularly imaginative. Or intelligent.
  • I did like Caitlin referencing the time that Killer Frost went to Burning Man. Now that would be an episode to watch!

Expecting better things with some substance next week. Let’s evaluate and reconvene then, shall we?

That will do for now.