Spoilers were there before the movie started.

Remakes are a valid concept in film, subject to the same rule of filmmaking. It has to be done right. This feature is based on the original story by Shinichiro Ueda, director and writer of ONE CUT OF THE DEAD. As a matter of fact that feature exists in the movie universe of this one, which is most admirable. The sole difference lies in this film being made to be seen by a different audience, and that’s where its value lies. Whether or not this one or the original rings best with you might come down to which you saw first.

COUPEZ! (2022) was written and directed by Michel Hazanavicius based on the original story by Shinichiro Ueda. Following the original premise, the movie begins with the final product of a zombie film in which a real zombie outbreak happens and threatens the crew. After the credits roll we move on to a look behind the scenes of its production, lead by director Remi (Romain Duris) who is hired by producer Madame Matsuda (Yoshiko Takehara, replaying her role from the original) for the task. An accidental slip of the tongue causes Remi to offend Matsuda which results in the cast having to adopt the same Japanese character names from the original movie.

Yes, it does work. Obviously, it’s going to be at a disadvantage for the audiences who saw the original film because they know the twist, but even then it does remain solidly entertaining. It’s going to be a case of which one you see first, but the passing of time and watching it with a crowd should be a huge plus to your experience. The original one will always be my favourite of the two, but I am biased to have seen it first. I still consider the original cast gave a more intense performance.

Recommended with one huge reservation. As I said in the original review for ONE CUT OF THE DEAD, the lesser you know about what’s going to happen, the better. However, this one also has the hindrance of being the remake where having seeing the first did gave me flashbacks of the original experience. I can’t help but compare these two as the same movie, and the first one still edges out as the better. Worth a watch for new audiences and some nostalgia if you recall the original.

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