Spoilers are now openly begging to come with 🥺

It seems it’s been a century but the 26th edition of Montreal’s International Film Festival will finally happen in person tonight, July 14. I have no shame in confessing this is my long-running favourite movie festival and the main reason I started writing and keep writing this little blog you’re now reading. Nothing captures the tone of genre films like this festival does. I’ve always described it as “a ninja, a robot, a zombie and a monster walk into a bar”.

Extremely recommended, I’d insist Fantasia is best when watch with a rowdy audience. Bring friends or make friends right before the film. Tickets are already on sale, so make sure you get a move on. Stay hydrated, meow at the screen, clap on the first blood spurt and cheer for the bad guy. I’ll have reviews as soon as I can catch my breath. Bon cinemá!

That will do for now.