It’s been a hot minute since we’ve covered this one. The Montreal ComicCon 2022 finally took place once again at the Palais du Congres. I managed the use that 3-day ticket that’s been unclaimed since 2020 when that thing-that-will-not-be-named first happened. We took our precautions (me, myself and I) and used a mask, kept our distance whenever possible (was a challenge) and of course relied on the sanitizer and washing our hands often. I want to thank everyone that was kind enough to stop for a picture, while I also understand that some cosplayers also had other obligations and/or needed a much deserved break. Here we go.

Thanks to everyone who makes the Montreal ComicCon possible, and so glad to have this festival staple back on our summer schedule! Up next, the Fantasia International Film Festival begins later this week! Stay tuned.

That will do for now.