Spoilers discourage doing acid altogether.

That being said, someone was doing it. The good news, is we do get a crazy dosis of Cage here, brilliantly supported by Pascal. The bad news, the plot is all over the place. Now I’m telling you this right off the bat so you know what to expect, because let’s face facts. Any Nicolas Cage fan will want to watch this film. So if you’re willing to lower your expectations and let Cage and Pascal do their thing, this one does remain entertaining… to a point. Let’s dig in.

(Credit: Lionsgate)

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent (2022) was directed by Tom Gormican who co-wrote it with Kevin Etten. Nick Cage (Nicolas Cage) is a low point in his life. He can’t seem to get any roles is unable to do right by his family. He has even started to hallucinate an alter ego from his own movie persona. With no other prospects and a mounting debt, he accepts a one million dollar offer to attend the birthday of Javi Gutierrez (Pedro Pascal).

The chemistry between Cage and Pascal is the driving force of this film and it works. Honestly, I wished the film would’ve stuck to just that, but then the movie feels the need to force a subplot involving the CIA and a kidnapping with political implications. Unfortunately the editing doesn’t do this plot any favours making the film just jump around scenes, and after a while it’s obvious it wants this to be the story. By the second half, the movie kinda loses the thread and only the little bits we get from Cage and Pascal still have some flavour. Tiffany Haddish plays CIA agent Vivian, in a role where she’s so severely underused that she’s almost doing a cameo.

Lightly recommended with reservations. This was almost the movie I wanted to see, and it would have remained that way with the excellent chemistry of Cage and Pascal. Past the middle it seems to want to force itself into action territory and only the little comedic bits left still give you some hope. That being said, it does contain a lot of Cage and his movie mythos that make this one a must see for Cage fans. Worth a watch for every fan of Nicolas Cage, but it does feel like in the end it delivers only a faint taste of what it promises from the start.

That will do for now.