You’ve probably seen zombie movies and features about zombie movies. But why end there? Let’s see how many levels of inception you can handle with a movie about making a movie about a zombie movie interrupted by zombies. I’ll give you time for your head to stop spinning. I’ll just preface this by saying this is something you have to watch with a group of like minded people in a dark theatre.


One Cut of the Dead is a film by director and writer Shinichiro Ueda about director Higurashi (Takayumi Hamatsu) being approached about filming a zombie movie in one take and broadcast it live. Now here’s the trickery. You first get the zombie movie filming that gets interrupted by zombies and then you get a slow reveal of what exactly went down behind the scenes. How meta this gets is so positively insane that you need to remain in your seat a few moments just to make sure you are seeing the real credits.

The result is an extremely funny and brilliantly crafted comedy of disasters with an amazingly decent result. For the audience it is the resolution of this Rubik’s cube of a film which exposes more and more laughter as the improvisation skills of both director (the one in the film, not the one directing), family, crew and cast are put to the test. All their efforts will have to combine to make sure we get to the next page of the script without the whole thing falling apart.

Highly recommended with one micro reservation. As funny and hilarious as it gets, the lesser you know about what’s going to happen, the better. In other words, you can watch it once but once you recommend it to your friends you gotta stop yourself from spoiling it. In other words, this one is funny as long as nobody is in on the joke. Definitely a crowd pleaser and strong audience favourite candidate.

That will do for now.