Yes, one more post… Or perhaps a hundred more. The results are in for the Fantasia Film Festival 2018 Audience Awards. These are the ones you voted for. Nobody to blame but yourself, people. And I’m going to probably be a bit critical and nitpick all over these choices because that’s just what I do.

Best Asian Featureone-cut-of-the-dead
Gold – 1987: When the Day Comes (South Korea, Dir: Jang Joon-hwan)
Silver – One Cut of the Dead (Japan, Dir: Shinichiro Ueda)
Bronze – The Travelling Cat Chronicles (Japan, Dir: Kôichirô Miki)

I’m really surprised that 1987: When the Day Comes got the gold here, but it is a pleasant surprise. It was a well crafted film. One Cut of the Dead really earned its spot as well. I would dare say Microhabitat should’ve been in this list perhaps even debating that top spot.

searchingBest European, North-South American Feature
Gold – Terrified (Argentina, Dir: Demián Rugna)
Silver – Heavy Trip (Belgium-Finland-Norway, Dir: Jukka Vidgren, Juuso Laatio)
Bronze – Searching (USA, Dir: Aneesh Chaganty)

Yes, I enjoyed Searching and I am sure the top spots have merit. However, no love for Witch in The Window? Nothing for Anna and The Apocalypse? And the biggest crime of them all: The excellent Tigers Are Not Afraid is not taking the gold here, like it did as my own The One You Should Watch award.

penguin-highwayBest Animated Feature
Gold – Penguin Highway (Japan, Dir: Hiroyasu Ishida)
Silver – Crisis Jung (France, Dir: Baptiste Gaubert, Jérémie Hoarau)
Bronze – Violence Voyager (Japan, Dir: Ujicha)

I’m not disputing the top spot at all. Penguin Highway was the better animated feature. I am biased since I barely had two anime films in my list. The other one was Fireworks, which I found a bit underwhelming. I did try to make anime my focus one year, but it didn’t work out. I’m not sure I enjoy watching anime with a crowd unless it’s a comedy, which is why Penguin Highway works.

the_witch_part_1Guru Prize – Best Action Feature
Gold – Chuck Steel: Night of the Trampires (UK, Dir: Mike Mort)
Silver – The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion (South Korea, Dir: Park Hoon-jung)
Bronze – Believer (South Korea, Dir: Lee Hae-young)

I actually have seen Chuck Steel: Night of the Trampires. I haven’t reviewed it. I thought the comedic timing was a little off. I’ll elaborate if I get to write a review on it. The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion was the recipient of my own Action Packer Award and I stand by that choice. Meanwhile, Believer also got Fantasia’s jury Action! Award.

You can read the entire list on Fantasia’s official site.

So what’s next here? Well, every year after Fantasia I find myself with a related list of films that I can’t help but want to review as well. It’s my own post-fantasia or just late reviews. Those could be coming up soon, since I even watched a film in Otakuthon that I had missed from a past year at Fantasia. Keep reading, I’ll keep writing.

That will do for now.