Each year, Fantasia manages to bring us one hell of a lineup of films that people will lineup for, disproving the notion that people don’t go to theatres anymore. I think the reality is that people will go to theatres even for lousy movies, which is why we get the darn blockbusters where the dialog sounds cool but makes no sense and the camera moves more than the plot. The Fantasia International Film Festival gives you the alternative of curating a selection of genre films of different category and diverse origins to make it fun to go to the theatre again.


I think that horror has its day more often than not at Fantasia. However, the general public should know that this festival also brings science-fiction, fantasy, action, drama, anime and basically the whole gamut of films with a strong emphasis on asian films and other foreign cinema that you don’t get on the mainstream movie theatres.

This year was really a milestone for me. I finally admitted that naming my reviews Fantasia Film Festival helps more people find them than the old Fantasia Film Review. I also talked a whole lot more with my fellow reviewers. And yes, I did watch a lot more films. This year I have 45 movie reviews in total.

Now, I hope you already know but the official Fantasia awards by jury have already been given out. I don’t always agree with their picks for winners and think other movie choices should be highlighted.

It’s because of this that I usually decide my own personal favorites at the end, so here are my own personal favorite picks in this 2018 edition of the Never Think Impossible Awards. Please keep your acceptance speeches under a minute or you’ll be played off the stage. Here we go:

  • The One You Should Watch: TIGERS ARE NOT AFRAID. This is my equivalent to the best film of the year and there’s no way that I can say this is an easy pick. TIGERS is intense, has an innocent and a jaded side, and an inherent choice for you. Either the fantastic elements are hallucinations or magic exists. Runner-ups: LUZ, ONE CUT OF THE DEAD, CAM.
  • The Twist Of The Century: ONE CUT OF THE DEAD. Okey, this one was an easy pick. This movie starts as a low budget zombie movie and ends as a hilarious comedy you don’t see coming. Runner-ups: THE WITCH: PART 1 – THE SUBVERSION.
  • The Audience Charmer: ANNA AND THE APOCALYPSE. This award is given to the most crowd friendly and entertaining of films, plus in this case it has zombies so how could you not. The truth is I see some much cult film potential here once the soundtrack comes out. Runner-ups: ONE CUT OF THE DEAD.
  • The Action Packer: THE WITCH: PART 1 – THE SUBVERSION. Although it seems like a suspense and a thriller when it starts, this one really makes up for it in the second half and that’s it almost became the Twist of the Century as well. Runner-ups: THE SCYTHIAN.
  • The Sharp Frightener: THE WITCH IN THE WINDOW. Horror for horror’s sake doesn’t win this one. This movie had great performances, smart characters and a realistic depiction of both father and son. Horror movies almost always built up their monsters and demons and forget to make the human component relatable. Runner-ups: LUZ, CAM.
  • Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off: ONE CUT OF THE DEAD. This one was the comedy that had everyone gasping for breath. It’s almost unfair to give it three awards, since the twist can only be revealed once but it will still deserve them.

Thanks to the organizers, the filmmakers, the actors, the amazing volunteers, the reviewers and everyone else that made Fantasia such an experience this year and every year.

That will do for now.