It’s a bird… Never mind, it was a weak pun anyway. Spoilers ahead.

Supergirl went Bizarro last week. There’s resolution and then there’s mayhem. Alex has gone over the top and literally imprisoned Maxwell Lord without any authority. Ah, and Kara breaks up with Adam Foster, Cat Grant’s son. So, what else is new? There’s a few elements in this episode that were really trying to break into a more complex plot, but they didn’t get there. It’s sometimes very awkward to watch this show.

(Source: Variety)
(Source: Variety)

Can we talk about the crossover now? No, we have heard the rumours about Kara meeting a young Kal-El in what may be a dream sequence, but that’s not the crossover that she needs right now. The whole “we want to see Superman” trend constantly weakens the lead in this show. The crossover we need is actually The Flash. The announcement is huge, but it’s confirmed as of last Wednesday. Berlanti’s newest Superhero production will get some help from his most outstanding one. Announced by both series’ executive producers Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg, the episode will be the 18th in the Supergirl series. It also finally puts it in the Berlanti-verse of Arrow and The Flash (and Legends of Tomorrow).

(Source: The CW)
(Source: The CW)

The Flash has been increasingly good lately, but actually the whole Tar-Pit storyline this week wasn’t much to speak of. This was vindicated by the other storyline: Harrison Wells. The Earth-2 equivalent finally has the means to extract some of Barry’s Speed Force. This means Zoom, this means Zoom wants more and this means Harry fesses up to the deed. To top it off, Iris ends up hurt because Barry was slowed down, meaning Harry’s confession is followed by Joe West knocking him into a metahuman cell. Honestly, that made my week. Also, we’re going to Disneyla- I mean, Earth-2- next week!

(Source: The CW)
(Source: The CW)

Arrow introduced the Calculator, which means we get to see Felicity’s Overwatch going into a hack vs hack battle. Plus, we get Roy back because.. oh wait, he’s gone again. Thea’s bloodlust has hit critical mass and that means she’s going to die unless she kills someone. No Darhk in this one. We do get Nyssa Al Ghul though. That was pretty cool. And a cliffhanger that kinda seems like it’s going somewhere better. Plus, the Calculator is not caught but turns out to be Felicity’s Dad – which I believe everyone saw it coming a mile away.


  • Barry and Kara for Supergirl’s episode #18.
  • Alex creates a bigger problem that she solves by illegally detaining Maxwell Lord. This is going to come back to hurt everyone.
  • Does Astra and Damien Darhk have a hangout they go to for all those episodes in which they’re missing?
  • Next week, we see a dream version of Krypton that includes Kal-El junior. It’s a bit soon for this, I think.
  • Tom Cavanagh as Harrison Wells 2.0 is still a force to be reckon with. He turned what was a baddie of the week episode into a more important event about family, trust and treason.
  • Jessie L. Martin as Joe West is unleashed in this episode. When asked why is he putting Harry in a cell, he promptly replies “because if I don’t, I will kill him!”
  • Arrow introduces the Calculator. Felicity Smoak’s nemesis and father. Didn’t think that surprised anybody.
  • We do get Roy Harper for another lightning visit. As much as you can adore this cast, it doesn’t really help to cement the big bad when Damien Darhk is more absent than present.
  • Nyssa Al Ghul is a far superior presence than Malcolm Merlyn and let’s face it, she is the rightful heir to the League of Assassins. Also, a fight scene with Tatsu aka Katana.
  • Thea’s bloodlust has been an on-again off-again part of this season. I just want it dealt with permanently already.

That will do for now.