Heads, up. Spoilers.

Supergirl came at us with The Girl Who Has Everything. Yes, that’s me intentionally changing the episode’s name in the title. The problem that was exacerbated this episode, is that it still feels like a lot of scenes are forced. The show flows better when it doesn’t want to do so much stuff at once. In this past week, the problem was one of my pet peeves – yes, we’ve got the runaround again. The runaround is when a show is solely interested in hitting these particular scenes during one episode, forcing characters to have to suddenly appear out of nowhere from one scene to another.

(Photo: Darren Michaels/Warner Bros.)
(Photo: Darren Michaels/Warner Bros.)

For this past week, we had Kara in a make-believe Krypton courtesy of the Black Mercy.  Then somehow the DEO manages to put Alex in Kara’s head and make her convince her sister it’s all a lie. Then Non attacks here, no wait – there. Kara attacks him while Alex and Hank go after Astra. Alex has to kill Astra with a Kryptonite blade. Non has to escape. Supergirl is called by Alex to hear Astra’s swan song. My head is spinning. I gotta stop.

(Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW)
(Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW)

The Flash gave us a grand Welcome to Earth-2. This episode was all about parallel dimensions. Yes, we know there’s a rescue mission going on but the visuals were just fun. Caitlin Snow from Earth-2? Killer Frost! The return of Robbie Amell as Ronnie Raymond aka Earth-2’s Deathstorm. Plus an evil version of Cisco, and Iris West as an Earth-2 Central City Detective… who happens to be married to Earth-2 Barrie Allen. Oh, the sights you’ll see.

(Source: The CW)
(Source: The CW)

I enjoyed Arrow this week with Sins of the Father. It felt like a throwback to earlier seasons, in an episode fully focused on the League of Assassins. Nyssa wants her legacy, the ring of Ra’s Al Ghul. Malcolm wants to keep it, but Nyssa also has the Lotus – an antidote to Thea’s Bloodlust – who she will give to Oliver once Malcolm is dead. I’m sorry but I was on Nyssa’s side 100% in this one. She had the means to make this play and it was more on the line from her point of view that one single life. Oliver made a colossal blunder – you don’t make an enemy of Malcolm Merlyn and allow him to walk away. Nyssa, on the other hand does something unexpected and disbands the League. Too bad, she could have use it to take out Hive…


  • Supergirl was a mess of a contrived plot and a bad execution. Find your rhythm. Tell a story. Melissa Benoist is carrying this show on her shoulders with little help from anybody else. Not even Callista’s Cat Grant had a spark this time around.
  • All Kryptonians that are not Kara have to overact their emotions. Is that written in the script?
  • Astra dies. Was her portrayal enough for us to care for her? I don’t think so.
  • The Flash was entertaining. I wanted to see more of Killer Frost / Deathstorm / Reverb. Unfortunately you can strike two names from that list thanks to Zoom. Well, they were considering betraying him anyhow.
  • The fact that Iris and Barry are married in Earth-2 can be interpreted in different ways. Is it a way to tell us that not to expect that to happen in Earth-1? I did enjoy Iris having a lot more to do in this episode. On the other hand, I guess we always gave it for granted that Barry would have Joe to back him up.
  • I didn’t miss the small sight of Supergirl during the trippy trip to Earth-2.
  • Holy crap, well that’s one way to find Zoom’s lair and Jesse Quick. Who is the other guy in the iron mask contraption?
  • Arrow brought us back Nyssa, the League of Assassins and the unresolved issues with Malcolm Merlyn. So Barry took it to himself to give Nyssa the ring by severing Malcolm’s hand. So that means you left Malcolm without the League, and with the League disbanded no possible recourse to gain it back, and no resources. It was no surprise that Malcolm freely gave Damien the information on Ollie’s son.
  • I was team Nyssa for this one. Also, remember how Amanda Waller is dead? The path is clear for Hive to take over everything. Oliver could’ve use a powerful ally here.

That will do for now.