(Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW)
(Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW)

The game’s afoot. Spoilers will be revealed.

The big wolf comes out on The Flash 1×20: The Trap. There’s no baddie of the week. We get flashbacks to the time where Barry was in the hospital after getting hit by lightning. Have you noticed I haven’t told you quite what the episode is about? It’s that good. Go watch the frakking thing.

You’ll remember that we left our nerd team in the Time Vault. They look at the newspaper / webpage from the future. The date is freaking them out, but it’s up to Caitlin to discover that the author of the article is Iris West-Allan. Holy crap yes. Gideon the friendly AI shows up. The AI can respond to their commands, specifically Barry’s because… he created it. So they found out what they can and order it to stay mum about their being here.

The idea about going into Cisco’s dreams sounds like a harebrained scheme, but it does pay homage to that time-travel episode and makes it relevant again. With the knowledge of the situation that triggered the reveal of Eobart Thawne, Barry attempts a desperate idea: recreate the conditions so that Joe can hear a full confession from Wells.

Meanwhile, Eddie means to propose to Iris. Joe is against it. Eddie asks Barry to intervene, which is awkward as hell. Iris insists on talking to Barry, which ends up being about discovering the truth behind STAR Labs, and the origin of the Flash. We even get a glimpse of the past where Iris talked to an unconscious Barry in the hospital and got a shock when reaching for his hand.

When the trap is finally set, Cisco has rigged it so it will protect him from the Reverse Flash rather than trap him. It’s supposed to act as a shield, but when Harrison Wells walks in, he can walk right into it. To add insult to injury, the conditions may have been the same but as Barry finds out the outcome is different enough that it doesn’t constitute a confession. As Eobard raises his hand, Joe realizes it’s going to be curtains for Cisco and fires three times…

In one of the most desperate actions in the show, Barry intercepts two of the three bullets. He’s thinking about his father, willing to accept that Cisco remains in danger but he can’t reach the third bullet which hits “Harrison Wells” and…

It’s. Not. Him.

It’s Everyman aka Hannibal Bates. Eobard Thawne monologues from a safe distance into the bunker. He convinced Hannibal to play him in exchange for his freedom. What I’m not sure is how Hannibal expected to get out after acting the part, because I’m sure he didn’t consent to be shot. Barry races to the Time Vault to find the empty chair and a bunch of screens from several settings around the city explaining Eobard Thawne’s vast insight into their lives. Barry knows where he’s going.

Out in the harbor, Eddie walks along with Iris hoping for the perfect time to pop the question, but the Reverse Flash gets there first. The Flash races to the scene, but the Reverse Flash has taken Eddie. The Flash stops for a second to check on Iris before taking off after them. As he departs, for a brief moment, electricity surges from his hand. Iris’ face lights up and whispers Barry’s name. She knows.

Amazing episode.


  • Iris finds out Barry is the Flash. ABOUT DAMN TIME. But, nobody told her. She at least was smart enough to figure it out in this episode, but come on – Barry was hit by lighting from the particle accelerator, the Flash is helping the police… I would have suspected Barry a while ago. That being said, since everyone knew and nobody told her we’re all in the doghouse now, people. I do expect that Iris will be interacting more with the team now, so I’m still happy about it.
  • Cisco’s reference to Temple of Doom including the “kali-ma” chant was a proud geek moment.
  • Joe shoots Hannibal Bates thinking he’s saving Cisco from the Reverse Flash. It was still the best possible outcome he could think about, and I’m glad Joe was not willing to put him any close to any danger here.
  • Cisco putting a tracker on the wheelchair was a cool idea, but we all know that tracker was there because Eobard allowed it to be there.


  • Sorry, Joe West. He’s always been one of my favorite characters, but how can he deny Eddie his blessing? Yes, WE know that Barry ends up with Iris but real-world scenario it’s really backwards thinking to assume that Joe just decides for Iris in this one.
  • Barry is willing to put Cisco in danger to save his father. I know it’s an act of desperation, and one that everyone agrees upon, but still it’s a bit blind. He even manages to grab two out of the three bullets hoping to still get a confession that will save his father.
  • We can’t have a breathtaking moment twice so seeing “Harrison Wells” walking into the bunker is not as much as a shocker as the first time. Still, discovering he’s the shapeshifter Everyman was.

That will do for now.

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