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(Source: The CW)

Spoilers might rise from the Pit.

Oliver takes what seems to be a one-way trip to the dark side in Arrow 3×21: Al Sah-Him. We’ve known this had to happen. You can’t avoid something this dark looming over you, you have to face it head on and come out on the other side. But the journey has just started for this young Sith Lord. We’re expecting this to reach apalling depths of desperation before the end. Actually, I’m not entirely sure he’s going to make it out of this League of Assassins phase by the finale. Only so many episodes to go.

Oliver has been turned with a ritual that includes taking a hallucinogenic drug that makes him think he’s facing John Diggle. The results are catastrophic, since he kills the man who looks very much like John, only to turn out to be a hallucination. The results are appealing to Ra’s Al Ghul because he and Palpatine probably play golf together.

Laurel finally gets more screen time, as she bonds with Nyssa. Nyssa helps train her while Laurel patrols. Laurel helps Nyssa have fun while having a typical American dinner. Why do you guys have to fry everything? They have a fun dynamic, but it’s cut short once Nyssa learns Oliver has been chosen as the Heir To The Demon. Nyssa goes over to confront The Man Formerly Known As Queen, but she gets her ass handed to her. Fortunately, Black Canary and John Diggle intervene. Enter the Canary Cry. Al Sah-Him retreats temporarily.

Unfortunately, that’s not for long. Al Sah-Him aka Oliver and Sarab aka Maseo are taking a different angle and kidnap Layla. That really puts Diggle on the edge as he takes it out on Nyssa. Despite Laurel’s protests, she decides accept the League’s offer for an exchange.

Thea has been reconciling with her own loss of her brother, but she also wants to help. Felicity is well aware what Olivier would say to that, so she’s not willing to involve her. The result is that Thea asks for help from Malcolm.

It’s a messy exchange. Team arrow is sans weapons apparently, but when Felicity refuses to be frisked we know something’s up. Oliver lets it slide, but when Layla is handed over and hugs Diggle, he immediately hints she should give Felicity a hug. Layla obtains two guns and starts a shootout with the League. John picks up a blade and fights Olivier. Laurel fends surprisingly well in the beginning but she eventually becomes overwhelmed. As Nyssa helps her out, she becomes distracted herself and they both lose the upper hand. Nyssa gets taken by the League. Oliver takes down John and prepares to execute him but hesitates for a second.

That’s enough for Speedy- oh wait, sorry I’m jumping ahead. That’s enough for Thea to put an arrow through his arm. She’s got some weaponry and her own hood from Malcolm and means business. Al Sah-Him is outta here. Thea is now the brooding Queen, but Felicity has some happy news later. She reveals to her that Roy is alive. Fortunately, Thea doesn’t kill her but Felicity was almost bracing for impact there.

This time they’ve really lost Nyssa. Olivier presents her to Ra’s who first requests he finish her. Just testing you, Ollie. Actually, he wants something much worse. He wants Nyssa to become the Bride of the Demon and marry the Heir. He also produces a vial hidden in Nyssa’s sword that contains a virus. Ra’s wants Al Sah-Him to destroy Starling City.


  • The family moment at the table with Felicity trying to get Layla’s and John’s kid to eat.
  • The bonding between Nyssa and Laurel.
  • Laurel using the Canary Cry. Laurel being a force to be reckoned.
  • The flashback storyline finally becomes relevant when the vial with the virus reappears.


  • This episode makes the previous ones seem happy in comparison.
  • I know it would be unfair to everyone in the series, but you almost want The Flash to show up and fix everything.
  • No more Foundry aka Arrow Cave. We did get one very sad scene with Felicity going back there alone and crying on her chair. Now it’s off to the labs at Palmer Enterprises.
  • Despite the relevance of the flashback storyline, I was the least invested in it.


The promo for next week. Do I have to mention there are spoilers? There are spoilers.

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