(Source: The CW)
(Source: The CW)

Sreliops… >>> Spoilers. Get it? Spoilers in reverse. Ok, never mind. They can’t all be winners.

I have to hand it to the showrunners and writers of The Flash 1×19: Who is Harrison Wells? I didn’t think it was possible to make a funny episode and at the same time handle a much darker storyline under the surface. They’ve masterfully handled both this week.

The baddie of the week is a classic. It’s a shapeshifter. It’s Everyman. The first challenge is to actually acknowledge one exists, based simply on good people turning bad for no reason and denying their guilt regardless of the evidence. There’s a minor flaw there, but let’s save it for the Highs and Lows later on. After going through the usual scenarios of mind control, it’s up to Eddie and Barry to face the culprit. Once discovered, the fun begins.

It doesn’t take long until Everyman, whose real name is Hannibal Bates, messes with our inner circle. Not kidding, you can look him up in Wikipedia. First, it becomes really nasty for Eddie since he’s framed for shooting two cops in cold blood. I liked Barry’s and Eddie’s interaction there, a lot more mature. Then Everyman becomes Barry… and he’s not shy to flirt around with Caitlin Snow up to the point of kissing her. As things get awkward, Iris shows up in STAR Labs. That’s great. She actually came closer to being part of the team this episode than in the entire series. As she describes to Caitlin what she’s discovered, Not-Barry takes out a gun and… Gets tazered to hell by Dr. Harrison Wells.

Here’s the other part of this shape-shifting episode: Dr. Harrison Wells is basically another enemy in disguise. We could argue he is a shapeshifter himself. Joe and Cisco are hot on the trail that leads them to Starling City of all places. Enter Captain Quentin Lance and his daughter Laurel Lance. Loving the Arrow crosssovers here. Cisco even gets to help Laurel with the Canary Cry. The big revelation is that one of Cisco’s gadgets detects a high concentration of tachyons (Quentin’s coffee floats to illustrate this to us) and after digging in that spot, Joe finds a body buried from a long time ago.

It’s a great episode. You can probably guess out how things end. The shapeshifter is captured. The body belongs to Dr. Harrison Wells, the original. But what nobody expects is this bonus scene at the end, a scene that turns the world of the team at STAR labs on its head. And I can’t help but spoil that.

Barry, Cisco and Caitlin discover the secret chamber that contains the Reverse Flash costume and the reveal of the future newspaper headline stating that the Flash is missing after a big crisis, dated 2024. What the frak indeed.


  • I liked the mature approach between Eddie and Barry when the detective is accused of a crime. Eddie’s phrase about not being Barry’s Dad illustrates how above petty rivalry both characters have grown.
  • Finally, Iris is given the secret. Well, part of it. Eddie reveals he’s working with the Flash. He should get some respite from that.
  • Joe West’s conversations with Quentin Lance. Joe is far more the stable and insightful parent to Quentin’s damaged and bitter self. Yet Joe is able to get to him. There’s some hope for a little light in Quentin’s life and hopefully he realizes that he’s got everything to gain by reconciling with Laurel. Something to look forward in Arrow, although crossover events tend to stay out of canon.
  • Harrison, or perhaps I should say Eobard, is a frigging Sherlock Holmes. He identifies the shapeshifter from the back. Ok, well he was holding a gun. Regardless on which hand he was holding it, that screamed impostor.
  • Caitlin smacking the hell out of Barry when she finds him tied up. Oh, that was for more than just waking him up.


  • Barry tells Dr. Wells / Thawne that to locate the shapeshifter they should look at all crimes committed by people who claimed their innocence in the face of overwhelming evidence. As a guy who has dealt with a few SQL queries in his lifetime I almost screamed at the screen here. How the frak can you build a query to perform a search like that? Nope. Sorry.
  • If the shapeshifter had hidden before switching shape, Barry would’ve never found out about his power. Vanity brings down the powerful every time.
  • Barry spying on Caitlin, fearing she was going to warn Dr. Wells. It’s more than a little creepy. I know it was not meant that way and it was with good intentions, etc. but it still makes me feel like he should have found a different way. Like more talking.

That will do for now.

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(Source: The CW)