(Source: The CW)
(Source: The CW)

Spoilers might get dark.

So it seems we’re up for a full blackout on Arrow 3×20: The Fallen. Thea Queen is hurt really bad, comes to just as Oliver walks in and she’s rushed to ER. She flatlines. Then she’s on life support, which is kind of a contradiction because if you flatline… Ok, I’m not nitpicking this part. Thea is a goner. And Oliver has one hard decision to make because Maseo, I mean Sarab, appears with an offer from Ra’s. Use the Lazarus Pit and save your sister. One tiny caveat though. You must give in to the dark side. Meaning yeah, he has to take the mantle of Ra’s Al Ghul.

Malcolm is against it. To tell you the truth, he’s pretty much going along with Oliver although he states that it is a fate that is potentially worse than death. He even claims she won’t be the same person he lost. But yeah sure, he goes along with them. Don’t miss a scene where Felicity goes to ask Ray Palmer for his jet, while Ray lets her know he’s aware she has feelings for Ollie. But sure, take the jet. Ouch.

It goes as well as you think it does. Thea goes in the Lazarus Pit and returns back to life enraged. But the ritual eventually brings back her memory in fragments. She doesn’t remember Moira being killed. But apparently this will pass too. Actually it seems that eventually we get the real Thea back. Someone should have really read the terms and conditions of the Lazarus Pit before hitting ok.

Of course, Oliver wants to honor the agreement. Felicity is on the Screw-That-Lets-Bolt party. John Diggle talks to Maseo / Sarab and gives him a lecture on friendship while the assassin in turn gives him a lecture on a parent losing a child. Don’t presume you know someone else’s pain. You know nothing, John Diggle. Meanwhile, Felicity goes up to Ra’s Al Ghul himself and gets her head cut… Wait, she doesn’t. Actually Ra’s Al Ghul pulls an Obi Wan and tells her to say goodbye to Ollie before he’s lost, in a way that Ra’s remember not ever saying goodbye to his own family. Where did that come from? Ra’s is all about them layers, man. Complex man.

So Felicity goes over to Oliver and confesses she still has feelings for him. Very strong feelings for him. Really over the top Get-The-Children-Out-Of-The-Room feelings for him. Music comes on, glasses come off, Olicity shippers rejoice, it’s a lovemaking scene. Then Felicity drugs him and tells him she’s getting him the hell out of Ninja City. That one is not a well thought out plan but give Felicity some credit. She does push Malcolm’s buttons.

They’re caught. But Maseo does turn back to help them at the very least. Not that it helps with the numbers of the League. It’s a lost cause. Oliver manages to overcome the effects of the drug and ask everyone to stand down. Yes, Oliver will get his friends out but as he himself explains when questioned by Ra’s Al Ghul, he will stay. That is all that matters. Even Maseo gets a free pass just by offering his life in return.

And it’s also an expected ending. The reason is, we have to explore this outcome. The League is not going away, but also that offer was the one outcome that will definitely keep us stuck to the screen. Oliver going dark. Oliver going over the edge. Otherwise, it was going to be a cop out. We have to have a development where we don’t know what’s coming next. Where we are in unfamiliar territory.

Enter Al Sah-him, the Arrow.


  • Thea has returned from the dead. She will now have to explore her new lease in life. I’m expecting a lot of nightmares in her future, which is a low. But also, she will have to evolve as a character. Unless we’re not going to give the Pit its due and just make her be alright again. She isn’t. She may be very distracted with her brother’s plight but she has her own dark side to conquer now.
  • Oliver has been courting the dark side for a while. It’s time for him to face it. Yes, it sucks and I fully expect this not to be an easy process for him. His own ideals and morals will come up to the surface no matter how much he tries to hide them. Oliver has to face the most difficult of challenges, a challenge from within. He has to fall in order to rise. The night is always darkest before the dawn.
  • Felicity confronting Ra’s Al Ghul had a certain adorableness and futility to it. Ra’s comeback was unexpected but also welcomed. As much as John Diggle might disagree, the League has principles and insight. Ra’s is very far from being dumb. It’s what makes him a formidable foe which sucks but still makes for a better show.
  • Although Felicity’s attempt at the great escape is futile, I gotta love her spirit. Still, John’s “this place is like a fortress” made me share my head. No John, the place IS a fortress. Felicity’s comeback, “I have seen enough movies to know that every scary fortress has a secret exit,” was on point. Ra’s “life is often more cruel than fair,” was unexpectedly insightful.
  • This one is just a low but I couldn’t care about the flashbacks any less at this point.

That will do for now.

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(Source: The CW)