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Superhero Weekly: Damage & Girls Night Out

Spoilers are all about female empowerment this week.

It should really be more often, but both Supergirl and The Flash shone a light on their strongest female characters. The results were mixed, but welcomed. While Supergirl the relationship of Maggie Sawyer and Alex Danvers comes to a crossroad, The Flash tackled giving Iris a starring role alongside exploring the duality of Caitlin Snow and Killer Frost. Let’s get to it, then.


(Source: The CW)

Highs, Lows and Sanvers’ End:

  • Maggie Sawyer was, of all things, a fleshed out female character that was both strong and flawed. She may have been the best thing that has happened so far to Alex Danvers, but she was also the best thing that happened to the show.
  • In more ways than one, the end of the road for Alex and Maggie was even more important than the distance traveled. The show couldn’t just close that door without first giving us the pain of the separation. This was not Kara putting Mon-El on a space pod. This was the show giving us a human breakup of a human relationship without relying on death, sickness or completely changing the character at the last minute via cheating or supernatural event. Maggie walks out in the end, but it’s a decision and not a surprise.
  • Thanks to Floriana Lima for being Maggie Sawyer, a human character with depth and an agency. I do hope she makes a sporadic appearance here and there in the future.
  • On the other hand, we have Lena being framed by Morgan. That we all know that in the end it wasn’t really Lena’s fault and that Kara and Samantha were going to get to the truth of the matter was not really the point of this episode. It was all about Lena.
  • Kate McGrath has brought to live a Lena Luthor that’s both intriguing and inspirational. She’s always cool and in control… Up until now. Lena’s defenses are tested to the brink. Someone else is writing her narrative for her, over her. It’s seeing Lena weak that makes us really feel empathy for her. You don’t expect her to suddenly go Luthor on Morgan, but when she does she’s in a dark place.
  • In a Sith-like matter Lena basically gives in to the dark side because she refuses the victim card. She thinks she’s going to take the fall of it all anyway and rather than running away she runs towards it. In other words, she’d rather become the villain on her own terms than be framed by somebody else. I have to say, that makes her the strongest and most interesting character in the show. Of course Kara comes to the rescue and Lena redeems herself.
  • But in the back of my mind, Morgan should fear Lena’s reprisal far more than Supergirl’s. He’s right, Supergirl can inconvenience him greatly. Lena can make his life a living hell on earth.

Unbeknownst to anybody but the people watching, back on STAR Labs…


(Source: The CW)

Highs, Lows, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde:

  • Yes, Iris was the leader this week. Barry and the guys end up at a strip joint because of Ralph Dibny because we don’t even want to suggest the other guys would ever suggest a strip club.
  • Cecille’s daughter Joanie is revealed as a stripper, a role she’s taken to write a book from a feminist perspective.
  • Barry makes for a funny drunk.
  • But nevermind all that, the real focus is on Frost’s past coming back to haunt her. That should have given us a clear shot at exploring their dynamic. The show is clearly trying to keep Frost from embracing her Killer persona to prevent a moral conflict, something that I kinda wish they’d make up their minds about.
  • Yes, it would be extremely dark to have Killer Frost actually kill someone since at that point the moralistic high ground is lost and the team would have to imprison Caitlin. However, I feel that angle could be explored. I’m getting too much vibes from Buffy The Vampire Slayer’s Faith here.
  • I almost feel this one was one that could’ve been left to both Iris and Caitlin alone, but Felicity comes along for the ride and… so does Cecille, which we really have had little time knowing at all. It’s a bit clunky and awkward how the episode is pulled through. The episode feels too busy with so many people moving from one location to another.
  • Amonet Black (Katee Sackhoff)… I really had a bit of a cringe moment taking her seriously as a villainess. Yes, the part with the cops and her reaction to “ma’am” was funny. She doesn’t scream “returning character role” for me, although I’m already hearing she might return in that role.
  • Danielle Panabaker’s Killer Frost had some good and bad moments this week, including some really great badass moments as well. I know we’re making her hold back because we want to keep her on the “good” side, but I wanted more snark from the Ice Queen. You’ve done it before, showrunners. I’m really tempted to think she was also held back to make sure she didn’t outshine Iris.
  • That being said, the entire plot was an excuse for bachelor / bachelorette shenanigans. I wasn’t even intrigued with the Thinker’s floating chair pursuing this Weeper guy. Overall, it felt a bit of a throwaway, and it would’ve been a waste without Frost to bring in some edge to it. I still feel like I we could use a full-on dark Killer Frost episode instead of this watered-down Shirley Temple drink version.

That will do for now.

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Superhero Weekly: Triggers & Mixed Signals

Spoilers will swear they will trust you from now on, then forget about it on the next episode.

It has become a CW trope, but it seems all conflicts are becoming some version of the main heroes overestimating their own powers, stop listening to their friends and family, getting into trouble and then everything getting fixed once teamwork, love and understanding are back on track. At least until next week, that is.


(Source: TheCW)

Highs, Lows and Girl Superpower:

  • Supervillain Psi (Yael Grobglas) has the power to cause fear. This creates a particularly cathartic opportunity for Kara to face her own, which she has been dodging since her season opener last week. Psi feels like it could’ve been more than a one-episode C-villain, but alas it seems it wasn’t to be.
  • Samantha Arias, the mother of the teenager that will get in trouble in every episode, is back. Seems she could turn out to have superpowers. I did expected the cast to grow, but no word on where this is going to go.
  • Was there any question that Lena was not going to end up buying CatCo? No. Why does every time I try to say “CatCo” out loud I end up saying “CostCo”? Don’t answer that one.
  • Lena can be a badass boss, as Kara discovers when she starts being uppity. I also hope Kara fixed that elevator before anybody else finds her purse and her glasses.
  • The dynamic at CatCo changes from now on. Let’s be honest, it needed to. James needs Lena pushing him. She will and she should. It was getting a little to comfy for him.
  • I’m expecting Kara to reveal to Lena she’s Supergirl any episode now. I’m also expecting Lena to tell her she has known that all along.
  • Supergirl seems to be going for a darker vibe. I really hope it’s temporary, but considering the other CW shows, I’m not holding my breath.

Meanwhile, back at STAR Labs…


(Source: TheCW)

Highs, Lows and Romance Woes:

  • Gypsy gets a lot of good lines this episode: “It’s like he doesn’t know he’s a dead man.” (said at nobody after Cisco tries apologizing and figures out a way to stop a metahuman in the middle of the sentence).
  • Still loving Caitlin, but don’t think I don’t know what you’re doing, TV show. I know Caitlin’s Frost dilemma will be put in hold while the other stories take the stage. You’re literally putting her issues on ice until you have time to deal with them on another show. Hardly fair.
  • I did find laughter with Cisco and Gypsy (and Caitlin inadvertently getting a word in there) but there was a lot to cringe about with Iris and Barry. If you’re going to couples therapy to make fun of therapy why do it at all? Specially since they both really seem to need it.
  • Iris West finally comes out with it: Barry left her. I think the wedding is safely postponed (season finale I guess). How Barry is completely blind in not seeing that was going to be a major issues speaks volumes about self-centered he’s acting.
  • Barry has become a little too overconfident, not in his powers but in his persona. I’m actually finding him a more than a little annoying in this episode. Can you tell?
  • Where’s the next iteration of Harrison Wells?

So as you can see I’m doing a rather brief version of the Superhero Weekly (which might be bi-weekly at this point) due to time constraints. Now I just go directly into the Highs and Lows. It’s a bit experimental. We’ll see how it goes.

And yes, I’ve decided to drop Arrow. To be honest, it was getting hard to watch. I’ll take a peek now and then, but I don’t anticipate making it part of this review.

That will do for now.

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Superhero Weekly: Supergirl soaks up a Distant Sun, Flash tricks us in Abra Kadabra and Arrow is Disbanded

Spoilers may freeze hell over this week.

We got Supergirl facing Mon-El’s mother’s wrath with Distant Sun.  The Flash tries to pull a fast trick with Abra Kadabra. The team in Arrow can be considered Disbanded.

(Source: The CW)

Supergirl gets an episode directed by Kevin Smith, and boy you can tell they went for epic. What worked and what failed? Mostly, it’s worth watching. Some of the fights are a bit on the cringy side. I didn’t expect Queen Rhea to go for melee. That being said, she still delivered a convincing performance as a threat, and the show’s new villainess.

Yes, it’s open season on Kara being hunted as someone has put an international bounty on her head. Surprisingly enough, only Mon El suspects his parents. Really? We got J’onn and Alex who have been part of the Deo for a long time and should’ve really put both Daxamite majesties at the top of the suspect list. Literally we get two bounty hunters. One going for the fire-lasers-at-people-in-the-park and another, a little more interesting, managing to mind-control Mon-El at a distance. I guess Boba Fett was not available. Still, it was amusing to see Mon El and Kara apologizing to each other.

Once we find out it was the Daxamites, it’s obvious something else is up. King Lar Gand doesn’t know- wait, that’s his name? Seriously you want to go with that? It sounds like you’re saying “garland” instead. Now I’m trying really hard not to call him King Judy. Anyhow he’s dead, part of the origin story for Supergirl’s new mother-nemesis Queen Rhea and her kryptonite sais (really, why make them sais… Kevin Smith, I blame thee). Very Mon-El focused story this week.

For the sake of continuity, they could’ve done a quick conversation scene in which Kara explained to the team why she was back together with Mon-El. Guess there wasn’t time. And I know I’ve skipped over the relationship drama with Maggie and Alex so more to come on the Highs and Lows.

(Source: The CW)

The Flash almost gave us a throwaway episode. Almost. The new villain in town, Abra Kadabra was actually intriguing. They had him hold the secret of Savitar over the entire STAR Labs team’s heads for no reason. In the end, the secret leaves with him. I did like Jesse L. Martin’s depiction of a father willing to do anything to save his daughter, which was the best believable acting I’ve seen from anybody in the cast for a while.

Gypsy (why are using that name?) and Cisco are still doing their song and dance, but hopefully Cisco can tone down the whole braggin’ act? It’s getting tiresome. Gypsy however is in vengeance mode (actually, when is she not?) and doesn’t really seem to care. Or believably care. It doesn’t seem like she should. The anti-climatic ending was Abra Kadabra being taken by Gypsy without ever revealing Savitar’s name or if he was just pulling a trick.

The last scene however was extremely well done, with Cisco and Julien putting on great performances as Caitlin seems to take her last breath. We didn’t a cold-based origin story for Caitlin’s other persona, her powers just started manifesting. The thing is I’ve been so tired of the show holding back Caitlin Snow that I’m willing to put up with any excuse. That being said, Caitlin literally directing her own operation was badass. And of all the silly ways we could have gotten Killer Frost unleashed, this wasn’t half bad. She does make quite an entrance.

(Source: The CW)

I chose a picture of one of the Helix scenes, because everything else on Disbanded was a letdown. I had very high hopes for Arrow this week, but I’m not sure what direction I was expecting the show to go. Initially, things do fall into a surreal territory as Olivier walks away from vigilantism. I don’t think it was a surprise to anybody to learn it doesn’t last. I just don’t get exactly what was the point here.

Olivier decides to disband the team, which of course just results in them doing it on their own, and invite the Bratva to Star City in exchange for killing Chase. Eventually Diggle convinces him to trust the team again and then Olivier un-invites the Bratva… So basically the whole thing is giant undo. No, the Bratva doesn’t leave quietly. Anatoly does decide to go back to Russia, but leave behind some his men to make life hard for undecisive american.

I wish I could say potential wasted, but to be honest I’m not sure how it could have been done better. Their only win was to obtain a Cord Industries scrambler to un-scramble Adrian Chase’s face when the took off the Prometheus mask, finally ending his run as the D.A. Guess it’s a win, it’s just not really much of an episode to consider.


  • Another Mon-El centered episode, and I feel that there was both an opportunity gained and wasted as the story turns into a villain origin plot. On the plus side, we get Teri Hatcher as the new threat in town, the powerful Queen Rhea. On the contrary, we’re still using entire episodes to give Mon-El more importance and the focus has been on him a little too long. I want Kara back on the spotlight soon.
  • President Marsdin, played by Linda Carter, is an alien in disguise. We get to see her a little more clearly now, but we’ve yet to see any inclinations towards an evil conspiracy or… a good one?
  • I love Maggie’s and Alex’s relationship, but I wish the drama was not played up on every episode. Sometimes they should just get along without unnecessary tension. That being said, this week’s storyline with Maggie’s ex did feel a lot more down to Earth. That clashed a bit with Kara fighting a Daxamite Queen, but I guess life doesn’t stop just because there’s a Daxamite plot to kill a Kryptonian.
  • Did Abra Kadabra ever knew who Savitar was, or was it all a trick? Something tells me we’re still not done with him. However, just having him in the episode to tease about a secret that we never get to find out makes for a very frustrated ending.
  • Jesse L. Martin outshines the cast again with a very heartfelt portrayal of a father willing to risk it all for his daughter.
  • KILLER FROST! FINALLY! Ok, we didn’t get an appropriate cold-based origin for Killer Frost coming back, but if we must be honest she’s been under the surface all this time without an explanation. How exactly did Caitlin Snow get her powers? I know the answer is Flashpoint and Dr. Alchemy, but I still hoped for something else than shrapnel. That entrance was just… cool.
  • Caitlin Snow proved herself a badass as she directs her own surgery.
  • And now, Arrow… I hate to end this on a low but what the effing heck was the plot?
  • Oliver gives up being a crime fighter. He gets talked by Diggle and just like that, he’s onboard again.
  • Oliver decides to call the Bratva to kill Chase, then calls them off making them hate him even more. Actually, how many times has Oliver used the Bratva for his own designs? How many times he’s undid the deal after getting what he need? I was with Anatoly on that last scene. Oliver has betrayed them one too many times.
  • Arrow has gone to the dark and come back way too many times and this time it was just… Nothing. Yes, John Diggle can be intense but I wasn’t even sure if Oliver was convinced or not. Does Arrow have any real surprises left in its quiver to give us a half a decent finale this season?

That will do for now.

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