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(Source: The CW)


It’s time for guest stars for The Flash 1×18: All Star Team Up. The Atom visits Central City! More important than that, Felicity Smoak is in the house. Things are bubbling under the surface in this episode. It seems to be light and fun and colorful, but there’s a storm brewing. So let’s see what we get.

Eddie is in trouble with Iris. That is because Eddie can’t seem to lie to save his life, or at least not to his fiancée. He desperately wants to tell her about The Flash, but you can tell it’s more because it’s eating at him than anything else. I loved Joe’s reaction when Eddie asks when does his word as a boyfriend becomes stronger than his vote as a father: “When you become her husband.” Joe rocks. But I’m afraid this secret is also keeping Iris away from the rest of the cast.

Ray Palmer and Felicity do what they do best. They lighten the mood, they cheer up the atmosphere, but they’re each a force to reckon with in their own. When villainess Brie Larvan (Emily Kenney!) attacks with robotic bees, The Flash and The Atom must team up to tackle both the brain and the stingers. Felicity even gets her own computer duel against Brie.

One of the huge changes is Barry losing his trust with Dr. Wells, but in this episode he seems tempted to mistrust Cisco and Caitlin. Say it isn’t so? Cisco is having dreams / repressed memories about the alternate timeline! This is huge. This could spell major trouble for Dr. Wells. And by the end of this episode, it’s not a secret of his alone.

There’s more, but the better an episode is, the less I want to recap. Yes, there are little silly things but overall this was an entertaining episode. The bees? Who’s not terrified of a swarm of stingers coming at them? Definitely a serious threat. The Atom? A force to contend with, but his high tech also makes him vulnerable to it. The Flash? Can Barry really keep what he knows hidden from a mind like Dr. Harrison Wells? The obvious answer is no.


  • Cisco. Caitlin. Felicity. Ray. Barry. Heck, even Harrison Wells. This show really pays homage to the scientist, the geek, the nerd more than any show that I’ve seen on TV. It respects them, it gives them depth, it makes them human. When this characters are funny, they laugh at themselves. The actors are not humiliating the characters they play, they respect them. You’ve guessed it, I can’t stand shows that degrade intelligent people. In a show about superheroes, The Flash portrays these characters as human. Smart move.
  • Cisco’s chemistry with Ray was so well portrayed.
  • Felicity’s line about dating Barry in Olivier’s body and her adorable panic as she makes Caitlin swear she will never repeat that to anybody.
  • Barry finally opening up to Cisco and Caitlin about Joe’s and his own theories on Dr. Harrison Wells.


  • Iris West. Really, give the girl a chance here. One thing we learned from Arrow is that whoever’s left in the dark is standing alone. In the comics, she knows so why not here? I’m not quite sure why not knowing protect her… She writes about the Flash already so she is a target? Letting her in would also mean you get a reporter on your corner. Seriously, she’s been left out in the cold.
  • The Atom is so far a flying armor. Improvements must be made and all that, but so far it has yet to reveal miniaturization. I’m sorry to say Ray Palmer can’t quite fly solo on his own series yet. He’s got no crew (unless he takes Felicity with him to which I gotta say NOPE NOPE NOPE) and no city of his own to save.
  • Emily Kinney was underused. We barely get to see her as the Bug-Eyed Bandit a couple of times. She only gets to go super-villain when her face is formed with bees in front of Dr. Christina McGee, head of Mercury Labs. To tell you the truth, the episode is already super-charged without her, but it’s a pity she didn’t get more screen time.

That will do for now.

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