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Spoilers may be loosed upon ye.

It’s getting darker and darker as we keep going with Arrow 3×19: Broken Arrow. Oh, of course Captain Lance doesn’t buy the story for a minute. Unfortunately for him, everyone else is just happy to put someone behind bars.

Oliver has his hardest role to date. In this episode, he’s a mere spectator. Things are happening without his control and he’s not the solution to any of the problems at hand. Roy has framed himself. Oliver is let go by the Captain thanks to legal documentation via Laurel, something that downright pisses him off. To make things worse, Roy is targeted by a lot of criminals in the prison. He manages to survive his first attack, but it’s obvious the numbers are against him.

Felicity drags a reluctant Oliver to ask help from Ray Palmer. Ray is happy to help, which seems to annoy Roy even further. The additional problem is a metahuman. Yes, we got metahumans showing up in Starling City. This is not good. It’s obvious The Atom is more qualified for… Wait a second, I meant NO. Ray has yet to be in a confrontation with a supervillain. The bees from yesterday’s episode of The Flash don’t count. Ray obviously plays a good-hearted and well-meaning… punching bag. Which is exactly what he ends up playing against Deathbolt.

Captain Lance raids the Arrow Cave. Holy crap that was depressing to watch. The surprise, Felicity and Diggle have cleaned out the Foundry (it’s the official name, so might as well use it in case we don’t see it for a while) of anybody’s fingerprints but Roy’s. Quentin doesn’t stop there and goes over to trash Thea’s place. He also lets Thea know that Roy has been attacked and that if he gets killed, he knows who to blame for that one. I gotta hand it to him, he’s not a bad manipulator. Thea of course, goes to Ollie, desperate to get him out.

Oliver feels out of options and he even lashes out against Diggle. However, Felicity convinces him to help Ray. Oliver is reluctant but when Felicity ends up in the crosshairs of Deathbolt, he has no choice. What happens is a bit corny, but the idea is that Oliver will actually remote control Ray. It kinda works until the first exchange of power blast knocks off the link. It’s up to Ray, and fortunately he pulls through.

Things go from bad to worst when the next attack to Roy ends up being a dagger to the stomach. And he dies. Or… not. Did anybody bought this sudden death? As Oliver is ready to completely lose it, Felicity and Diggle reveal Roy, safe and sound. The three friends conspired with each other to make this happen. But there’s a price for him to pay. Roy has to leave Starling city. It’s a bit of a ride into the sunset moment. Roy did become a hero in his own right. The part that he doesn’t get to say goodbye to Thea sucks, but now we know what he meant when he said he didn’t want to talk to her because he’d have to lie to her again.

And speaking of Thea, things are the complete opposite of ok for her. Ra’s Al Ghul materializes in her flat. Thea is an amazing fighter, but this is Ra’s. And that means this duel ends the only way that a direct one on one with the Demon’s Head ends. Thea ends up run through by Ra’s sword.


  • Roy Harper, you will be missed. It’s too bad, because Arsenal never felt like a sidekick to Arrow. He was Oliver’s partner in crime-fighting. It’s a bit of a cowboy ending, leaving town in the middle of the night.
  • Felicity may be going against a meta, but she’s not out of options. Actually I would like to see her get away before the Atom arrives. I don’t think it would’ve been wrong to ask.
  • The other more subtle story going on here is Felicity is recognizing she still has feelings for Oliver. Ray however is also starting to notice this. As a matter of fact, even at the beginning of the show Ray is trying to put behind that “I love you” phrase when he was in the hospital. I don’t think that lets her completely off the hook, though. She should really come out and tell Ray. Specially since there’s a few scenes from next week that might demand that.
  • Quentin Lance might be becoming more than a thorn in Ollie’s side. Yes, chances are he will be told to back off by his superiors, but he’s the real threat in this episode. Oh, he might just become your favorite person to hate, but he’s actually more of a player now than before.
  • Cisco makes a cameo as Ray brings Deathbolt to STAR Labs. They actually give the bad guy his code name.


  • Why did nobody ask Laurel for help? No Black Canary in this episode where it should’ve been all hands on deck.
  • The Atom is still a bumbling flyer. That suit still looks cumbersome as heck.
  • Deathbolt can fire plasma from his eyes. Still, a b-grade villain. Also, Doug Jones plays him, but he only gets a couple of lines.
  • Each episode I care less about the flashback story. There’s a virus. There’s a vaccine.
  • Great finale for the character of Roy Harper, but this means we don’t get to see him again.
  • Dark, dark, dark episode. Thea has been gravely wounded. Critical? Dead? Is she staying dead?

That will do for now.

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