(Source: The CW)
(Source: The CW)

Spoilers and major deja vu coming your way.

The Flash 1×16: Rogue Time is a bit of a painful, but necessary episode. Yes, we get Cisco back. We also get Barry realizing he can tell what is about to happen very accurately… but that will stop the moment he changes things. It’s Eobard Th- I mean, err, Dr. Harrison Wells, who realizes what is happening early on and warns Barry about the consequences of diverting from the path using knowledge from time travel.

But we all know we’re not going to have time travel and then just watch the same episode again. Breaking all rules, Barry finds Mark Mardon and puts him in a cell at STAR Labs while Dr. Wells shakes his head. Meanwhile, we get a new threat. Captain Cold and Heat Wave have been taken in front of the head of the Santini mob family. Even without their gadgets, they’re able to turn the tide and take control of the situation. Obviously, they do want their weapons back.

Cisco goes to the birthday of his brother Dante with Caitlin. Dante is a tool, but the Ramon family idolizes him. After being belittled a little too many times, Cisco bails to meet Barry at a bar. As Barry is trying to cheer him up, a girl makes a pass at Cisco. Barry leaves both of them alone. If it seems too good to be true, it’s because she’s actually Lisa Snart, little sister to Captain Cold. Turns out all of them want guns and have Dante as a hostage, so Cisco breaks open what looks like a 3D printer (where he got it, anybody’s guess) and gives them all that they want.

Barry decides to break up with Linda and get together with Iris. As in telling her he still has feelings for him. Much worse, he tells her that he knows she has feelings for him (really, Barry, come on!!!) It’s the most painfully awkward scene so far. Iris shuts him down hard and warns him to keep his distance.

The Flash has to intervene when Captain Cold and Lisa Snart (she’s Golden Glider in the Comics) barge into the casino run by the Santini family. He’s forced to let them escape once he learns Cisco is being held hostage. Once the police get to the scene, Flash changes back to Barry – in time to get punched in the face by a furious Eddie Thawne.

Captain Cold decides to give Cisco a terrible choice. Either he watches his brother Dante die or they both walk free… If he tells him the Flash’s secret identity. When we next see Cisco, he’s walking into STAR Labs with a terrible confession: Captain Cold knows Barry’s secret.

Mason Bridge gets a completely different outcome in this timeline. He’s a victim of the Reverse Flash. However, in this timeline Barry decides he can no longer trust Dr. Harrison Wells.

Let’s leave it at that. There’s a bunch of things that didn’t quite work this episode. As a whole, it’s not that bad but you know that also means it’s not that good.


  • Cisco lives. He also gets hustled, kidnapped and blackmailed to do a whole of things. It’s kind of a good Cisco episode that is not good to Cisco. I guess we can say any possible outcome for him that still leaves him breathing is a good one, right? Major empathy for him being the black sheep of the family.
  • Dr. Harrison Wells and Cisco relive some of the dialog from the last episode with different circumstances. Wells does tell Cisco he thinks of him as a son.
  • A hundred old school movie points if you caught the Clue reference in the title, by the way.
  • Barry’s unquestionable loyalty for Dr. Harrison Wells finally wavers. He finally tells Joe that he’s listening to his suspicions.


  • Barry’s overconfidence that Iris had feelings for him feels so patronizing that it was painful to watch. No, Barry, even when you travel back in time you can’t assume another person’s feelings. Let’s never have him do that again.
  • The scene where Barry gets Captain Cold to keep Barry’s secret. Wait, how exactly? Why would Snart consent not to kill… I don’t get this scene one bit. Basically, we’re supposed to buy that Barry convinces Captain Cold to commit crimes without killing people and… Barry will let him escape every time? This scene didn’t work for me. Let’s redo this confrontation again with a little more planning.
  • Lisa Snart asks for a gold gun. A. GOLD. GUN. So basically, she can turn stuff into gold? Wait, what else do you really need if you have that already? You don’t need to shoot anybody with it. You don’t need to hold up casinos. You just need to shoot a bunch of rocks and you are set for life. She might as well have asked for a money gun.
  • Cisco makes the guns out of thin air? No, he uses a 3D printer. Which I guess is a super-advanced model. Which really should have included a scene of him stealing it from STAR Labs. Of course that means he’d run into someone there because it’s not like those things are easy to just take out the door. I’d have a better time believing Cisco just steals the old guns that him making new ones. Where does the 3D printer comes from? Did he just happen to have one in his car? How can Cisco just be ready to create a gold gun, btw? Sorry, too many plot holes here.
  • I really have a difficult time believing that our trio of criminals are just going to be content letting Cisco and his brother free. That kidnapping was immensely useful to them, so why would they let him go? There’s no win there at all, only loss. Basically the only reasoning there was that we needed Cisco to be free again. An obligatory Cisco-and-Dante-collaborate-to-escape story path is missing from this outcome.
  • Caitlin letting Barry off the hook with Iris and Eddie when she makes up that he’s suffering from “lightning psychosis”. When did this turn into an episode of a cheesy 80’s sitcom? Did Iris and Eddie seriously buy that hogwash? I would have bought this more if this newsflash had come in a more serious fashion, like an intervention of Dr. Wells at STAR Labs.

That will do for now.

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(Source: The CW)