(Photo: Gene Page/AMC)
(Photo: Gene Page/AMC)

Here may be spoilers.

You can almost hear the restraints snap open on this week’s The Walking Dead 5×15: Try. It’s not there have not been tension between the Alexandrians and our favorite group of survivors, but it’s slowly dawning on everyone that not everybody can make it in a world were both civilized and uncivilized forms of post-apocalyptic life are trying to co-exist. Do you join the civilized life committing to the hope that the peaceful lifestyle will prevail or do you join the uncivilized to prevail in the worst possible situation?

This season has been posing the question of what would happen if the survivor group were to abandon the day to day living by the skin of their teeth to the way things were before. Can we trust the fences will hold and turn sedentary? There’s an strong analogy to be made here to the people that go to war. Reverting back to civilized life is never easy and often impossible.

Glenn believes in that both groups can be one – and are one. He still retains humanity even after Nicholas turned tail and run. Surprising nobody, Nicholas immediately blame both deaths from last week’s failed supply run on Glenn. Show of hands, who didn’t see that one coming? But Glenn is the surprise. He’s actually trying to save Nicholas when he tells him that he needs to stay and not get anybody else killed.

Deanna is more and more regretting bringing the group of survivors in, specially with her son Aidan’s death. Carol’s casserole does not make things better. Nor does Rick telling her about the Pete problem. Which she’s perfectly aware of, a fact that was not a surprise. Deanna is too smart to not know Pete’s issues. She’s willing to tolerate them because she needs a surgeon in Alexandria.

Sasha has been going on the hunt against the walkers. She can’t seriously be thinking she’s going to get rid of the problem by herself. When Michonne and Rosita go after her, she’s not listening to reason. As Michonne sees Sasha go Tarantino on the walkers, she actually flashes back to the time she was killing them ninja style. BTW, Michonne with a handgun? Really sorry not see her pickup her katana for this outing.

Carl is still following Enid. She knows and eventually they simply hang out together. They even stupidly hide inside a hollow tree while being passed by a horde of roaming walkers. Ah, young post-zombie-apocalypse romance… Wait, no. What are they doing? They’re going to get themselves killed.

Snap. The first one to do that is Rick. He tries to convince Jessie to leave Pete. He really fumbles over it, obviously conflicted. Wrong way to go about it, worst possible timing now that Deanna is still grieving Aidan. Hearing Rick pitch his intention to protect Jesse and her kids. In the most unbelievable of turnarounds, Jessie goes from flat out telling him to go away one minute to accepting his offer to take the children and leave the next. Did any of them really thought this was going to go smoothly? Crackle.

Suffice to say Pete shows up and it ends up in an all out brawl between him and Rick. Rick eventually gets the better of it, but as Alexandrians approach to stop him he pulls out a gun. It’s confrontation time with Deanna and everybody else. Rick is trying to somehow voice the concern against the lax rule that he perceives as a lack of safety. It’s heart wrenching because he can’t quite express it correctly and everything he says is coming out wrong, with the wrong tone, and it all just ends up sounding like crazy talk. He’s a war veteran that has gone wild in his own homeland.

Of all people it’s Michonne that storms in and knocks him out. Alexandria’s perfect little peace bubble is gone. Pop. The finale is next!


  • Glenn is adamant on making things work and keep everyone safe / Nicholas is adamant on blaming the newcomers for everything, specially Glenn.
  • Michonne is trying to have everyone abandon their old survivalist lifestyle / Sasha won’t stay put and is out to kill every walker around.
  • Rick believes that Alexandria’s naive about the dangers both outside and inside / Deanna would rather ignore domestic abuse than lose Pete’s surgeon skills.
  • Deanna wants to keep only those willing to work with her inside Alexandria’s borders / Rick goes cuckoo-for-coco-puffs and just lashes out a rant about not being understood.

That will do for now.

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