(Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW)
(Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW)

Major spoilers. Turn back and watch the episode. I mean it.

The Flash 1×15: Out Of Time really goes out with all guns blazing. There were so many milestones that I was tempted to call this episode Event Horizon. It’s basically the point of no return. But then, we get one more milestone and the game has new rules.

First we get Barry and Linda out on a date running into Iris and Eddie at the bowling alley. Things go swimmingly well for Barry and Iris. Not so much for Linda and Eddie who are seeing their respective dates telegraphing signals loud and clear. The date gets interrupted when Mark Mardon, brother of deceased criminal Clyde Mardon, returns with weather powers of his own and a vendetta to settle with Joe West.

After an encounter with the new Weather Wizard, Cisco designs a nifty gadget to absorb his weather powers. Just in the nick of time, as the next encounter is far more deadly. The Flash manages to stop the altered weather with the wand but Captain Singh ends up in the hospital in critical condition after stepping between Joe and Mardon.

Back at Central City Picture News, Mason Bridge has been nudging Iris to talk to his friends regarding Dr. Harrison Wells. Eventually, Mason runs into Barry and tells him his theories first hand. Barry mentions this to his friends at STAR Labs, prompting Cisco to look into the trap they set for the Reverse Flash while asking Caitlin to distract Dr. Wells.

Joe disobeys the order to stay put and ends up falling into a trap by the Weather Wizard. Badly injured, he soon learns Mardon is not up to just kill him but wants to see him suffer first. He calls Iris using Joe’s phone and threatens to kill him if she alerts the cops. Fortunately, Barry is nearby and doesn’t hesitate to help even though it causes friction with Linda.

Back at the only coffee shop in town, Caitlin tries to keep Wells busy but you can tell he’s already figured out that something is up. She leaves him just for a second, turns away and when she turns back… the wheelchair is empty.

Back in STAR Labs, Cisco has found what looks like a holographic image of the Reverse Flash playing back the same dialog from the time he was trapped. As he deduces what happened, the standing figure of Dr. Harrison Wells appears behind him. Or I should say, Eobard Thawne, aka the Reverse Flash. In a scene that tugs at the heartstrings, the supervillain explains to a crying Cisco that he was actually to kill Barry and not his mother that night, and why he needs the Flash. He is trapped from returning to his world – his time. As Cisco feebly offers to help, Eobard Thawne extends a vibrating hand and thrusts it through Cisco’s chest.

Hold the feels, we’re not done yet. Barry and Iris arrive at the meeting point. In the distance, the Weather Wizard provokes a tsunami. Iris reveals to Barry that she’s in love with him. Barry confesses he hasn’t stopped, and they kiss. To steal a line from Harry Potter, is this really the time???

Barry notices the tsunami and calls Caitlin. She tries to tell him about Wells but Barry needs to know how to stop a tidal wave now. She tells him he will need to reach an impossible speed back and forth along the coast. Barry turns to Iris and tells her he wishes she didn’t find out like this – then turns into the Flash.

The Flash runs back and forth along the coast at superspeed. Faster and faster until suddenly, he finds himself running alongside himself in a scene we saw at the beginning, except this time he’s on the other side. The result, is he stops to find himself in a previous moment in time. Barry Allen has just achieved time travel.

And that last moment, that last glimpse into the Flash achieving time travel, is the reason of the alternate title. This is not how the world ends. The next episode should be really interesting.


  • Cisco’s death was really, really well done. Dr. Harrison Wells completely got into the mind of a supervillain. This scene, as tragic as it is, was so carefully done.
  • Caitlin turning around to see the empty wheelchair. My blood ran cold.
  • Barry turning into the Flash in front of Iris.
  • The final scene where Barry realizes he has traveled back in time.


  • The kiss. Really, a bit forced. I do buy that they were both in a tense situation, but with Joe in danger it’s completely out of place.

That will do for now.

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