(Photo: Gene Page/AMC)
(Photo: Gene Page/AMC)

Spoilers a head. I mean, ahead…

Things are starting to get tense and scary in good ole Alexandria on this week’s The Walking Dead 5×14: Spend. The white picket fences seem to have been masking other sorts of threats, and these can’t be solved as easily as a bullet to the head. Or perhaps, they can…

Eugene needs a thingamajig to fix who cares what, and a scavenging group is formed conformed of resident asshole Aiden and his asshole friend Nicholas along with survivors Glenn, Tara, Noah and Eugene doesn’t get to bow out of this one either. Deanna and Reg are there to say goodbye to Aiden. I should have guessed why that happened from the start. The group will end up in a warehouse, where we have walkers trapped behind a fence. So, everything’s cool. Except when Aiden starts shooting a zombie that is wearing riot gear. Glenn manages to glimpse the zombie is also wearing a grenade. Even as the warning shout rings out, Aiden’s shooting actually triggers the grenade.

Carol can’t get rid of Sam. The plucky kid would’ve been a good fit in a Disney sitcom or a Pixar movie but here he’s just a problem waiting to happen and Carol doesn’t want to play mother hen anymore. Finally she ends sending him on an actual errand to steal chocolate to make the damn cookies which I’m sure she was considering sweetening with cyanide. But Sam does make it back with the chocolate, and Carol ends up making cookies warning him it’s the last time. Somehow Sam gets Carol talking and with mutual questions, reveals that he wants a gun. Not for himself, but someone else. Carol smartly recognizes something is up, but Sam runs away when pressured for answers. When later on, she puts on her best friendly demeanor and goes to the kid’s house, she is blocked by Pete who won’t let her see him or Jesse. Domestic abuse happens even in the zombie apocalypse.

Abraham proves his mettle when a construction crew assembling material for the wall ends up getting attacked by a mob of walkers. Is every single Alexandrian a pushover? They all seem inclined to abandon their comrades at the slightest hint of trouble, don’t they? Abraham is soon recognized as leader material. Deanna gives in to put him in charge, remarking to Maggie -her apprentice in management- that it’s yet another of the outsider group she gives a position of power.

Glenn awakes to find out that Tara has a head injury and is bleeding badly. Aiden has gotten himself impaled and Nicolas is lightning quick to pronounce him dead. Eugene, who’s been assuring Tara he’s the useless coward suddenly grows a pair and drags Tara to the exit, killing a couple of zombies as he goes. Glenn and Noah realize that Aiden is still alive and try to help him out. Nicholas makes a token effort, then runs away. Eventually Noah has to pull Glenn away as the coming zombie horde is closing in.

Headed to the exit, Nicholas ends up backing back into a revolving door which traps him on one side and Glenn and Noah on the other. It’s Eugene to the rescue as he takes the van and gets some of the walkers to follow him away from his comrades. Glenn tries to break open a panel of the door, but Nicholas loses it and pushes against them to expose them to the walkers. Noah gets pulled, he pointedly gives Glenn a look and frees himself of Glenn’s grasp to get pulled by the horde. Noah is a goner, dying a gruesome death in front of a horrified Glenn.

Nicholas makes it to the van, trying to convince Eugene to take off. When he refuses, he pushes him out. Cue Glenn catching up and knocking him to the ground. Glenn decides to take Nicholas back anyways. This is a mistake. With Aiden dead, Nicholas is just going to take every opportunity to blame Glenn for Aiden’s death.

And speaking of low level vermin, Father Gabriel decides to tell Deanna that the group of survivors led by Rick are too dangerous and should’ve never been let into Alexandria. Maggie, however, is listening from the stairs.

Carol goes to Rick, who has been visited by Pete in a frenemy-like beer-sharing gesture. Carol lets him know her suspicions regarding Pete beating up Sam/Jesse. It’s a scenario she’s more than familiar with. Her calm and cold conclusion is the cliffhanger to the episode.


  • Carol’s patience with Sam is almost funny. She’s really not going to be able to play the innocent Aunt Carol for long.
  • Rick obviously has it for Jesse, and Jesse seems the damsel he has to rescue, but… Technically, what happens if it turns out that Sam is getting hit by Jesse instead? All signs point to Pete, but in this show anything can happen.
  • More than ever, the failed scavenger expedition illustrates when it’s best to stay put, when to go save your colleagues and who you should be trying to rescue and who you should abandon on the spot.


  • Seriously, Nicholas has to die. And Glenn has to figure out that the rat bastard is going to turn the situation to his benefit.
  • Seriously, Gabriel has to die. And Maggie has already witnessed the rat bastard turned the situation to his benefit.
  • Seriously, Pete… ok, ok, I’m overdoing it. Yes, it does look like Pete is a problem. In the real world, he’s guilty already. I completely see this being so obvious that there could be a twist coming up.

That will do for now.

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